I have been focused on building a life re-imagined post Lyme Disease treatment and we moved, again, from Seattle to Santa Barbara. Bu finally, we are settling in.

I want to get to know our community better this year, so I am going to start by sharing a little bit about my life, in hopes that some of you will open up with me too!

  • I have lived in at least 12 states.
  • It took me 14 years to get my degree
  • I am a published author of poetry
  • I know how to operate a forklift and a 120′ boom-lift.
  • I once got to ride in an F-16 fighter jet. We pulled G’s (I was cool.)
  • I can sing my ABC’s backwards.
  • I choreographed Grease in high school, and competed in voice in junior high.
  • I have worked in public relations, management and outside sales.
  • My first job was at Dairy Queen.Yes, I can make a curly-q on your ice cream cone.
  • I was certified at one time as a fitness instructor.
  • I have met Bill Clinton, Muhammad Ali, Joan Rivers and Pink. (I am cheating on the last one, we were just simultaneously in bathrobes at the same spa together.)
  • I have predicted a number of events in my life, and in the lives of others.
  • I have raised two amazing human beings.
  • I am married to my soul mate, but my ex-husband is one of my best friends, and my step sons are amazing.
  • I have seen almost every super-hero movie.

And I am a survivor. I have firsthand experience with many modalities that address healing from trauma, social anxiety, abuse, loss and illness.

When I started the blog for Well Scent six years ago, it was with the intention of sharing resources to educate, uplift and inspire our community and to illumine an empowered path for healing, mind and body. In the process, and as a direct result of the transformative powers that come with extraordinary challenges, I hope to continue that journey with you now.

I am pursuing interests in conscious movement and energy anatomy with the subtle body. I feel so certain there are things here that can help to accelerate healing. I will also spend more time focusing on neuroplasticity. In addition, I will continue looking at Lyme Disease, Mold Illness, rehabilitation for both, and biohacking.

For my life re-imagined post Lyme Disease, come visit me on my new personal IG page by clicking on any of the images below.

Smiles, @stacyjo_shuman


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