The sun is shining, revealing years of smudged love on the warped single-pane window. I can hear the birds chatting away to one another as they collect squirming worms for the little ones back at the nest. I focus intently on this scene, on this image of pure happiness and bliss, hoping that these good thoughts will chase the negative ones away, far, far away. All this reminds me that summer is in the air, swarming and buzzing all around us, luring us to ice cream sandwiches and cool waters. These kind of temptations are normal, the kind of things I would happily give in too, but with my abnormally low energy, and flaring symptoms; I must resist and come up with some other remedy to satisfy my hunger for all things sunny and sweet.

The remedy you ask? That would have to be a little adventure:

Today’s little adventure will be going to the farmers market, leisurely perusing the rows of fresh fruit and veggies, but saving my energy by only stopping at the strawberry stand to pick up a box of red plump berries to take home and make the sweetest and most delicious of treats: Strawberry Rhubarb Jam.

The season is upon us where watching the moon set and the sun rise is considered normal, but this can be near to impossible when you’re confined to your neighborhood, home, or even bed. So, if an activity like going to the farmers market is out of the question, here are some other ideas to help give your long summer days motivation and purpose:

  • Collaging: Grab a notebook, it shouldn’t be new either, the more beat up and loved, the better. Collect some used magazines and newspapers from around the house, or ask a friend to if the have any they’d be able to drop off. Once you’ve done that, go through all of them, cut out pictures, words, and articles that inspire you. Paste them to the notebook, layer, and glue your heart out. Then once you’ve finished, celebrate. It’s the little victories that count.
  • Cocktail hour: Whether that be iced tea, kombucha, fresh juice, smoothie or even iced water with fresh fruit, spruce it up. Make a normal non-alcoholic drink into a fancy, sweat treat. And don’t forget the most important part: put it in your favorite glass, grab your most indulgent book or magazine, and plop yourself by the window, or outside in the evening sun.
  • Movie night: Spend at least an hour picking out an old classic that is guaranteed to take your mind off things. It has to be something that will either make you pee your pants from laughter, cry happy tears, or inspire you. Sometimes the most valuable pick-me-up is a featured film.
  • Meditation/Yoga Station: You’ll need either a yoga mat, floor cushion, or soft blanket, just as long as it’s comfortable to sit on. Then, surround yourself with your favorite things: Candles, pictures, quotes, books, crystals and rocks, your most calming essential oils, and a notebook. Set aside at least an hour where your body is relaxed, and your mind is only focusing on the good.

Even when your energy is low, health is wavering, and fears are strong; try to find passion in the littlest of things. Activate your mind and encourage positive thoughts, because without them, your body will have a much harder time accepting the healing process. Be sure to remind yourself that a successful or well spent day should not be based off of what other people are doing or what you “think” you should be doing; it should be entirely based off of you, and what your body can do in that moment. Whatever that may be.


Words, Well Scent

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