Here at Well Scent, we believe that we can find the magic in any given day. But today? Today is extra magical. It’s 11/22, and it’s also a New Moon.

Between the energy of “new beginnings” that comes with each new moon, and the rare energy that the numbers 11 and 22 possess, this is the perfect day to manifest the next step on your journey.

In Numerology, 11 and 22 are said to be “master numbers” and signify empowerment, spiritual enlightenment and new opportunities. It’s said that when the numbers 11 and 22 show up, so do the angels, and they’re listening. Whether you look at the clock and it’s 11:22, you spend $11.22 at the grocery store, or the date happens to be 11/22, take a moment to stop and set some intentions. These numbers are a message that you have the power to manifest your heart’s greatest desires. It’s just like Glinda said to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz: “You’ve always had the power my dear, you had it all along.” Sometimes we just need a sign from an angel (or a “good witch” in a puffy pink dress) to remind us.

The New Moon is traditionally thought to have similar energy. While traditional Full Moon ceremonies are an opportunity to release and let go of what no longer serves you, the New Moon is an opportunity to plant new seeds and set new intentions to grow your greatest wishes into reality. To learn more about ways in which you can take part in the magic, watch Dina Manzo and The AstroTwins‘s video on Full Moon and New Moon Manifesting:

Essential Oils are the perfect addition to spiritual rituals, especially those that involve the moon. That’s why we crafted our “Over The Moon” blend; with the intention that it be used for spiritual connection, grounding, soul healing, empowerment, manifestation and growth. So as you set your intentions tonight, dab on your blend of Lotus Blossom, Geranium and Rose.

Over the Moon – Endocrine Support

May all of your wishes come true,
The Well Scent Team

Words, Well Scent

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