Check out our most favorited food-feed 8th and Lake, named “Best Healthy Food Accounts” by MindBodyGreen. This is my go-to page for inspiration for new, gorgeous ways to prepare and plate plant-based meals. Founder Marie, is also a travel blogger, so you can peruse her site for guides to places like Croatia and Italy.

Today’s inspiration from Marie’s feed on Instagram reflects my current mood for breakfast chia bowls, coconut yogurt bowls, superfood smoothies, and smoothie bowls too. After a few years, I have this business down to a science. I include 1/4 cup of homemade kefir, (I rotate cultured raw dairy) or coconut yogurt, 2 – 3 tablespoons MCT oil, 2 cups of frozen berries, a few slices of banana, celtic sea salt, protein powder of choice, plus a variety of superfood powders and heirloom vegetable powders.

Some of my cherished lines to keep in the pantry and fridge include:
OMG Superfoods – I especially love their Sacha Inchi protein powder, as well as their Acai.
Sunpotion – Great mushroom and herbal blends, excellent variety and selection.
Bulletproof – MCT and Brain Octane Oil.
Terrasoul Superfoods – Raw, organic, vegan and everything they make is from the God’s. Period. I have always been so please with the products from this company.
Dr. Cowan’s Garden – This line comes from Dr. Cowan, co-writer to Nourishing Traditions with Sandy Fallon. He also recently published “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart” which is a must-read for anyone with a family history of heart disease. His newest project is cultivating from his family farm vegetable powders, some of which are seasonal and/ or heirloom varieties. I am a huge fan of everything I have tried so far, to include the Threefold Powders, savory and slightly sweet, the kale and squash blend, and the beet blend as well.
Longevity Warehouse – Once upon a time, while healing from Lyme Disease, I took a couple new supplements before bed, then in my sleep ordered about 500.00 of stuff from Longevity Warehouse. True story. I had been wanting to do this for a long time, but not intending to spend that much obviously. But that was the beginning of my love affair. I love the teas especially but everything is great really.

I hope this recipe and list have you excited about loading up the fridge and pantry with some goodies to make your own superfood creations. Although there is the obvious initial investment, you get it back in spades with the antioxidants, and ease of using these super-foods, which unlike produce have a much longer shelf life!

Enjoy! @stacyjo_shuman
Image credit @8thandlake

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