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For more than a year my husband I have lived a more nomadic life, feeling out the landscape and culture in the Pacific Northwest and more recently the Bay Area and the California wine country. The last few weeks we have been in Santa Barbara. Frequently referred to as the American Riviera, Santa Barbara is a soulful town. The surrounding pink-hued mountains, quiet long stretches of beautiful white sandy beaches and expansive sky are incredibly inspiring, but it is the people and community in Santa Barbara that make this place so lovely. In almost a month, I have had more than a dozen strangers offer to help us with our move. Yesterday, someone I haven’t even formally met gifted us beautiful housewarming gifts; an angel and a Buddha for the yard. I feel that is a beautiful blessing for this new home and adventure in our life. And the last several years when I fought dearly to save my own life, I could not have conceived of a more perfect outcome.

Healing is possible. Keep the faith my friends.

With love, Stacy Shuman

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