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Do you plan to “Pause for Peace” this weekend? I do.

Dabbing a drop or two of a soothing blend of essential oils on your temples or your “third eye” (right between your eyebrows) can help you quiet your mind and finally exhale after a long week. Sometimes it’s just too hard to try to turn all off on your own!

Here’s how some of the ingredients in “Pause for Peace” help to ease a tense body and mind:

Sandalwood– A deeply grounding essential oil. It has the ability to bring your spirit “home”, and re-align the body and the mind. Also highly anti-inflammatory and has the capability to relax tensed muscles, allowing the body to “let go”.

Cardamom– An emotionally supportive essential oil that quiets a stressed or overtaxed mind and uplifts a depressed mood. Also has a warming effect!

Rose Otto– An essential oil historically and anciently used to open up a “closed heart”, and to release fears, worries and stressors that prevent an individual from self acceptance and unconditional love.

Vetiver– One of the essential oils that is highest in sesquiterpines, making it neuroprotective and supportive to those struggling with psychological conditions or striving to overcome trauma.

Ylang Ylang– An essential oil that has anciently been used to balance the first and second chakras, to promote emotional release and facilitate a sense of safety, security, gratitude and happiness.


 Candice, Well Scent Social Media Manager

Words, Well Scent

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