Well Scent is a marvel. A year ago, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and co-infections, after struggling with it for 10 years. Since starting treatment, I’ve done what I can to actively detox however possible. I heard about Well Scent from another Lymie and was intrigued by the idea that I could detox whilst whitening my teeth, all through the Dental Care Line. I purchased Watch Your Mouth, Sparkle, and Shine in the hopes that at least one would help my teeth feel more clean and make a noticeable difference in detoxing each day. I have been so pleased! I’m somewhat sensitive, but the cinnamon, peppermint, and clove ingredients have had no negative effect for me whatsoever, and I look forward to the feeling of freshness I get after I brush with Watch Your Mouth. In just a few days, Sparkle has lightened my teeth (an added bonus!) and Shine has decreased inflammation. Honestly, I’m super jazzed I found Well Scent; I’ll be looking to buy more products in the future and I’ll be recommending to everyone I know. I’m so appreciative of this company’s mission and work, and for recognizing what can help in treating Lyme – thank you!

Madeleine B.