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WHAT IT IS: Exfoliant, tooth brightener and polish that supports locally and systemically. The natural ingredients are transported directly into the bloodstream from the gum mucosa. This formulation strongly inhibits the bacteria that cause heart disease, gingivitis, bad breath and inflammation from other microbes. It has received praised amongst medical and naturopathic doctors as well as biological dentists. (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo)

HOW TO USE IT: Our customers prefer to use this as a replacement for their toothpaste. It works synergistically with Watch Your Mouth or Just for Grins. Apply to toothbrush after first adding a few drops of Watch Your Mouth or Just for Grins. Just a tiny dab will do!

BENEFITS: Anti-inflammatory, inhibit dental plaque formation and protects gums against numerous insults, very alkalinizing, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, effective support for periodontal and gum infections.

  • Baking soda has been shown to neutralize acids in the mouth which reduces the amount of acid-loving bacteria that cause cavities. Baking soda has also been shown to reduce dental plaque. It will naturally and gently remove surface stains.
  • MSM primarily impacts your health by reducing inflammation. It appears to improve cell wall permeability, so it can be used to help deliver other active ingredients. Perhaps most important, MSM helps protect against oxidative damage.
  • Green Living Clay is a rare desert clay that has been protected from contaminants and leaching by the climate. Sealed away and isolated from natural elements by a cap of zeolite minerals for forty-three million years, this highly charged Calcium Bentonite Clay has tremendous drawing power, making it useful as a gentle mouth detox.
  • Studies have shown that Neem can benefit oral health by reducing plaque and bacteria. It is antioxidant and mineral-rich (zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorous and potassium) and is generally well tolerated and particularly useful in cases of gingivitis.
  • Peppermint has a wide range of actions (antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, antispasmodic, analgesic and others). It is a tonic to the liver, heart, stomach and pancreas. It acts specifically against Bacillus subtilis, Candida albicans, E. Coli, Staphylococcus and many others.

CRYSTAL PAIRING: Mookaite Jasper embodies grace. It aids our spirit in recognizing the beauty in our lessons, the truth in our experiences, and the wisdom in our soul. It allows us the space to integrate our life’s lessons into our way of being, and walk forward with a quiet confidence that only comes with enlightened understanding. Mookaite Jasper allows us the opportunity to recognize our unique and innate beauty, and in that state of knowing, shine.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Bicarbonate, sea salt, *Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, *Zinc, *L-ascorbic acid, bentonite, xylitol. (Peppermint-free option available.)

*Excipient free.

1 oz.

FUN FACT: I was inspired to create this formulation because of the substantial contributions of Dr. Weston Price. Dr. Price traveled to isolated parts of the globe to study the health of populations untouched by western civilization. His goal was to discover the factors responsible for good dental health. His studies revealed that most dental abnormalities and deformed dental arches resulting in crowded, crooked teeth are the result of nutritional deficiencies, not inherited genetic defects.With this in mind, Shine Dental Powder is meant to provide nutritional support for improved oral and dental health.



Using Dr. Klinghardt’s Autonomic Response Testing (ART), I have found that only a small fraction of the sea of natural products on the market will energetically balance my patients.  I have learned to be very picky about what I recommend.  Since other ART practitioners have found that Watch Your Mouth tested well, I wanted to test it in my practice.  I have found  that Watch Your Mouth is one of those few products which energetically matches me and many of my patients.

Dave Ou, MD, PhD – Bridges to Health

I am obsessed with the Well Scent dental/oral care products. My gums feel clean for the first time ever. I love the added benefit of dry brushing, and I feel so GREAT about the ingredients. My teeth feel super clean, I don’t have morning breath anymore, and I can’t wait to continue using this!
Naomi Seifter, CEO of Picnik

As a Naturopathic Physician and Organic Med Spa Owner,  I have a very high standard for ingredient  purity, efficacy, as well as the energetics behind formulations .  Well Scent exceeds my standards and the intention behind the products is felt with each drop.  Personally, I love the Glow and carry both Energize and Pause for Peace in my purse.  Watch your Mouth combined with Shine Dental Powder is a staple in my treatment protocols.  This combination clears hard to treat dental infections.  In addition, Release – Lymphatic and Sinus supports my patient’s congested lymphatics while they enjoy the healing benefits of this aromatherapy blend.

Christine Schaffner, N.D.

Sophia Health Institue

Bella Fiore Medical Spa

For your information, I finally put myself on the ShineWatch Your Mouth “train”. OMG….AMAZING. My teeth feel so clean and I WANT to brush my teeth. It’s crazy 🙂 You are a gift to us all!

Destiny Chirls, Manager of The Sophia Health Institute

I am really enjoying your products! I have some exciting feedback from our dental practice on your dental/ oral health blends. We used the phase microscope on all our patients in hygiene and all new patients on the doctors side.  I took a bacteria slide on my two assistants. On both slides we noted several different types of bacteria that could cause gingivitis or periodontal disease. For example, spirochetes, gliding rods, and spinning rods.  I had one assistant’s brush w/ just Watch your mouth and then retested. I then had the other assistant brush w/ the PrimTooth mixed w/ the Watch your mouth.  Both slides improved and noted less bacteria on the one that only used the Watch your mouth but the one that used both improved more, did not note any spirochetes. These are the form of bacteria that breaks down the bone around the teeth. I was impressed how it lowered the bacteria just by brushing the teeth. I will continue to monitor the products and let you know any new info. Please use this information in your education to support the science behind these formulations.

Thanks you for sharing your line with us.

Tabitha Long RDH

Stuart, Nunnally and Freeman

Healthy Smiles for Life

I am really impressed with Watch Your Mouth and Shine Dental Powder. I began using it last month after a dental appointment at Nunnally, Freeman & Owens. I don’t have any gum pain after using the product to destroy dental spirochetes. I think I may have avoided having an abscessed tooth. Thank you for making such great products!

Cynthia McBride

I just wanted to tell you that I love love love the Watch Your Mouth and Shine. I’m chemically sensitive and was worried about the EO’s as I don’t usually tolerate them very well but it’s not overpowering and my mouth and teeth feel so clean! I’ll definitely be buying more! I wish I had gotten the 15ml now but I was just too worried about reacting to the oils. I’ll be getting the 15ml next time. It makes me look forward to brushing my teeth!

Dena S.

I love the naturally sweet and refreshing taste of Watch Your Mouth combined with Shine Dental Powder. I have chronic Lyme and other infections and bad breath was one of my embarrassing symptoms. I muscle tested good for Watch Your Mouth and Shine with my doctor at Sophia Health Institute and started using them a few weeks ago. Both leave my mouth with a fresh, clean taste and my husband affirmed that my breath smells nice now. Thank you for these incredible products.

Kristina C., Nashville