Watch Your Mouth – Extreme Clean Toothpaste Replacement and Mouthwash *NEW PRICE*


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{Toothpaste Replacement ⋅Mouthwash ⋅Biofilm Support ⋅Antibacterial ⋅Eliminates Bad Breath}

WHAT IT IS: This is a Proprietary Blend of Pure, Therapeutic, Organic and/or Wild Crafted Essential Oils that are clinically proven to significantly reduce the bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities and heart disease. Hundreds of times stronger than toothpaste yet gentle and well tolerated. Provides local and systemic support. This potent blend is antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Practitioners using Autonomic Response Testing (an advanced form of bioenergetic muscle testing) find this formulation tests strong for many patients, particularly those with any dental or oral health challenges.


  • 1-3 drops on a dry tooth brush, can also dip into bowl of sea salt or baking soda (aluminum free please)
  • 1 drop massaged into gums, especially areas where the pockets are low and the dentin is exposed
  • 1-3 drops added to salt-water for a mouthwash
  • 1-3 drops on tongue through the day to freshen breath
  • 1 drop on cankers sores; herpes lesions
  • 1-3 drops to salt-water and gargle for sore throats
  • 1-2 drops to Dr. Tungs dental floss before flossing
  • 1-3 drops mixed in coconut oil for oil pulling protocol

For sensitive individuals and those in treatment for Lyme and chronic infection, begin slowly with use as mouthwash or on dry toothbrush. Wait 30 minutes after use, then rinse again with plain, pure water.

OIL PULLING: Watch your Mouth exponentially increases the benefits of oil pulling. Simply add a drop or two of Watch Your Mouth to your coconut oil, or other oil of choice. For more information on oil pulling:
Oil Pulling for a Brighter Smile and Better Health & OIL PULLING – THE HABIT THAT CAN TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH

BENEFITS: Local and systemic support. Reduce inflammation and infection. Powerfully effective against bad breath.

  • Peppermint has a wide range of actions (antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, antispasmodic, analgesic and others). It is a tonic to the liver, heart, stomach and pancreas. It acts specifically against Bacillus subtilis, Candida albicans, E. Coli, Staphylococcus and many others.
  • Studies have shown that Neem Oil can benefit oral health by reducing plaque and bacteria. It is antioxidant and mineral-rich (zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorous and potassium) and is generally well tolerated and particularly useful in cases of gingivitis.

CRYSTAL PAIRING: In addition to the cleansing and purifying properties of clear quartz, green quartz is said to speak specifically to the heart. It cleanses and clears both the 4th (heart) chakra and the 7th chakra, allowing both our mind and our heart to see the truth, hear the truth, and live our truth. Green quartz aligns our heart and our mind, healing our connection to the true essence of who we are and what we know to be our true life’s path. It allows us to release all that was not meant for us, so we can continue to move forward in our journey of becoming who we were always meant to be.

INGREDIENTS:Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Leaf Oil (Cinnamon), Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint), Hippophae rhamnoides (Supercritical sea buckthorn berry oil), Thymus vulgaris extract (Thyme), Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower OilPistacia lentiscus gum water (mastic), Azadirachta indica (Neem) and 100% USDA Certified Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil.

RESEARCHAnti-Adenovirus Essential Oils

5 ml or 15 ml bottle


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I may be dating myself but does anyone remember Danny DeVito’s incarnation of Penguin in Batman Returns? He oozed this pitch black goo out of his mouth. Ugh!

Never did I think that I would be happily recreating that scene in my bathroom twice daily! It has become one of my very favorite few mins of the day. I contacted Stacy with Well Scent to ask a few questions about her dental line a few weeks back. I had already read many reviews online and was already pretty sold on it. I snapped some before shots before the product even arrived, knowing that I don’t have enough patience to do that once it got to my front door. I ordered both dental oils (Watch Your Mouth and Just for Grins) to try, Shine (the dental exfoliant and remineralizer) to put a good polish on my teeth, and Sparkle – Natural Dental Detox and Whitening which intrigued me the most. I love the flavor of both oils, neither is too hot even with the cinnamon and clove oils.

Watch Your Mouth is a bolder flavor and includes Peppermint. Just for Grins excludes Peppermint and is ideal if you use homeopathic remedies. Personally my current favorite is Just for Grins, however, I tend to like variety in my tooth pastes and have been going back and forth depending on my mood and whether or not I’m popping any Arnica… (Because I tend to run into things and get some decent bruises, I do like including Homeopathic Remedies). Both Well Scent Dental Blends are super powerful! They also doesn’t burn, even if you have a cut. Try placing a drop on your tooth brush and brush your tongue lightly, let the oil sit until your final rinse, and optional but recommended, use a tongue scraper.

Shine! It’s like having a tiny dental hygienist in a little jar. Is that creepy? No, okay good, you get it. I usually hate the pumice polishing at the dentist because I just can’t rinse out my mouth enough. Shine is a super fine powder and again comes in both peppermint and unflavored. I add a few drops of either the Watch Your Mouth or Just for Grins and dip the very tip of my toothbrush in the polishing powder. I scrub in circular motion all over and my teeth feel smoother in just days. I imagine that this would recreate a professional dental cleaning really well.

~`*Sparkle*`~ Okay, I am not a stranger to activated charcoal, I have used toothpastes that included activated charcoal as an ingredient. My husbands favorite toothpaste (before Well Scent arrived) was a paste made with essential oils and charcoal. While he generally liked it, it just didn’t noticeably whiten!

I have had no tenderness in my gums with Shine, which is unheard of for me. I have a slight sensitivity on the teeth themselves, I believe this is just getting used to brushing a bit more than usual. It is not uncomfortable or anything like whitening at the dentist.

The cost of the products was the one thing that initially caused me to wait on placing my order, but now that I have actually tried the dental line from Well Scent (and now adore!), I can tell you that it’s worth it. I usually allocate a certain amount of our monthly budget for dental, and while in the past 100% of this went to our dentist, I have since decided to earmark some of it towards products that approach dental care holistically!

I have been very intrigued with your product line, most specifically the dental products and Glow – Radiant Serum. I definitely respond to unique companies like yours that use such pure ingredients, it goes right along with what Living Earth Beauty is all about! I have started using the dental care line recently and the main thing I notice with the potent combination of Shine Dental Exfoliant and Watch Your Mouth was that my teeth felt extra clean and smooth all day. You can tell its creating an environment in your mouth that is difficult for plaque and other germs to grow. The other thing I really like is that the products have a great taste! Can’t beat that! Alicia Freed, CEO of Living Earth Beauty

I was introduced to Well Scent from a trusted friend so I knew I had to get my hands on some of their products. When I received the products I was so impressed. My FAVORITE is the Watch Your Mouth+ Shine Dental Powder duo. I used it to brush my teeth and right then and there yelled to my boyfriend, “you have to come try this. Our teeth were the cleanest we have ever felt. We threw out our regular toothpaste and have never looked back! We have just found the HOLY GRAIL to dental health. Thank you Well Scent! Jennifer Braunersither, Beauty Glam Now Blogger

I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of this product, after all how could essential oils help my mouth health?!

I could not have been more wrong! When I began using Watch Your Mouth I had a problem tooth that off and on would ache or bleed when brushed. I brushed 2x daily and oh my! Within 2 days the bleeding stopped and the ache was GONE!

I went for my dental check up and found that there was decay under my crown but it was HEALING! The biggest thrill of that dental visit was when they measured my gum line (you know little pokie thing at the gum line telling if you had receding gums or pockets forming….well, my measurements were always 4’s, which is not good, this visit they were 2’s and 3’s!!!!

I completely attribute this huge difference to the Watch Your Mouth! I love this product and all of you at Well Scent!

Thank you so much for making such a difference in my mouth health and my life!!!


Alan Sue Morgan

I have been using your oral health/Lyme treatment products including Shine, Watch Your Mouth, Balance and Renew for a few months. I appreciate so much the care you have taken in formulating these safe, effective and delightful products.

I recently turned 51, just after having oral surgery to clean out an infected wisdom tooth cavitation and an infected root canal that have been poisoning my system for a long time. The after-surgery recovery process was challenging, with a lot of lymph swelling and a Lyme rash that broke out all over my body and lasted for weeks!

Your Balance oil blend (recommended by my Sophia Clinic doctors) was so important to me during the acute phase of my recovery. I gently massaged the Balance oil (and, later, Renew) twice a day across my forehead and sinuses, around my tender jaw line and down onto the swollen lymph glands in my neck to help disinfect the tissues and encourage lymph drainage. I loved the smell and therapeutic effect it provided every time I used it. I appreciated even more the unexpected benefit of feeling a definite energetic imprint of “loving kindness” in your product. At the time I had never seen your website or brochures – I had no idea about your company. But the gentle “caring” invested in your products was obvious to me.

Thank you so very much for creating medicine that is natural and nurturing to the spirit as well as the body. Wow!

Blessings to you and all of your team at Well-Scent. Keep up the great work!

Ruth Martin
Morton, WA

Using Dr. Klinghardt’s Autonomic Response Testing (ART), I have found that only a small fraction of the sea of natural products on the market will energetically balance my patients.  I have learned to be very picky about what I recommend.  Since other ART practitioners have found that Watch Your Mouth tested well, I wanted to test it in my practice.  I have found  that Watch Your Mouth is one of those few products which energetically matches me and many of my patients.

Dave Ou, MD, PhD – Bridges to Health

I am obsessed with the Well Scent dental/oral care products. My gums feel clean for the first time ever. I love the added benefit of dry brushing, and I feel so GREAT about the ingredients. My teeth feel super clean, I don’t have morning breath anymore, and I can’t wait to continue using this!
Naomi Seifter, CEO of Picnik

Allison Hoffman sends her comments on some of our dental/oral health products.

I LOVE Watch Your Mouth + Shine Dental Powder. I use it myself and I literally haven’t seen it test poorly for anybody at Sophia Health Institute. It’s a much needed solution for people’s dental care. We recommend it daily for sure. I have also tried Pause for Peace and Energize – we (the doctors at Sophia Health Institute) have these in our offices and use them in between patients. I recently finished a bottle of Renew and enjoyed using that and felt it was a very effective antimicrobial without being too harsh. That’s what I love about your products – they are powerful yet balanced.

Allison Hofmann, N.D. Bella Fiore Klinic

As a Naturopathic Physician and Organic Med Spa Owner,  I have a very high standard for ingredient  purity, efficacy, as well as the energetics behind formulations .  Well Scent exceeds my standards and the intention behind the products is felt with each drop.  Watch your Mouth combined with Shine Dental Powder is a staple in my treatment protocols.  This combination clears hard to treat dental infections.  In addition, Release – Lymphatic and Sinus supports my patient’s congested lymphatics while they enjoy the healing benefits of this aromatherapy blend.

Christine Schaffner, N.D.

Sophia Health Institute

Bella Fiore Medical Spa

Thank you so much for the sweet handwritten thank you note in my package that arrived today!
I am in love with the Watch Your Mouth already.

Ava Waits


For your information, I finally put myself on the ShineWatch Your Mouth “train”. OMG….AMAZING. My teeth feel so clean and I WANT to brush my teeth. It’s crazy 🙂 You are a gift to us all!

Destiny Chirls, Manager of The Sophia Health Institute

Much of chronic illness begins in the mouth.  A focus on improving dental health is a focus on improving overall health. I personally use Well Scent’s Watch Your Mouth essential oil blend instead of toothpaste.  It is an easy option that I incorporate into my daily routine to keep my health on a good path.  Thanks for these wonderful products!

Scott Forsgren
Editor and Founder of BetterHealthGuy

I am really enjoying your products! I have some exciting feedback from our dental practice on your dental/ oral health blends. We used the phase microscope on all our patients in hygiene and all new patients on the doctors side.  I took a bacteria slide on my two assistants. On both slides we noted several different types of bacteria that could cause gingivitis or periodontal disease. For example, spirochetes, gliding rods, and spinning rods.  I had one assistant’s brush w/ just Watch your mouth and then retested. I then had the other assistant brush w/ the PrimTooth mixed w/ the Watch your mouth.  Both slides improved and noted less bacteria on the one that only used the Watch your mouth but the one that used both improved more, did not note any spirochetes. These are the form of bacteria that breaks down the bone around the teeth. I was impressed how it lowered the bacteria just by brushing the teeth. I will continue to monitor the products and let you know any new info. Please use this information in your education to support the science behind these formulations.

Thanks you for sharing your line with us.

Tabitha Long RDH

Stuart, Nunnally and Freeman

Healthy Smiles for Life

I am really impressed with Watch Your Mouth and Shine Dental Powder. I began using it last month after a dental appointment at Nunnally, Freeman & Owens. I don’t have any gum pain after using the product to destroy dental spirochetes. I think I may have avoided having an abscessed tooth. Thank you for making such great products!

Cynthia McBride

These products rock my socks off 🙂 …..I am using the Watch Your Mouth products and I am pretty sure I am in love. Makes your teeth feel fabulous! You actually feel like you are doing your mouth some justice compared to regular toothpaste. Plus, your breath is smells great!

I recognize Oral Health is SO important to your OVERALL health (Heart disease is rampant in my family). You can dodge a lot of health problems by keeping your mouth healthy. Definitely reccommend people make the switch from toothpaste to this!!!!! Everyone wants a pretty smile right?!

Sarah Williams

My favorite product right now is Watch Your Mouth. I use it daily in my dental routine when brushing my teeth as well as adding a drop to my dental floss for an extra clean. I’ve had a few transatlantic flights recently and keeping WYM in my pocket as well as Release was a life saver. A few drops of WYM directly in the mouth during the flight and a few drops of Release with some lymph massage while in my seat helped me immensely. I also have been recommending this to my patients (with great success!) after having dental work done such as root canal extraction and gum disease. So many uses and such a great product.

Jagna Larson, L.Ac.

Sophia Health Institute