Well Scent natural bath tub recipe

“A bird sitting in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch but in her own wings.”

Trust you.

Sometimes, all we need is a soul reminder. A reminder to trust in our unwavering strength, in our unique gifts, in the wisdom in our bones, the light in our heart, and most of all, our unshakable ability to tap into our innate sense of resilience. This is your soul-reminder that it’s time to use your wings.

Our Natural Bath Tub Recipe “Roots & Wings” Reminder Remedy:

Bath time to refresh your body, restore your spirit, and rejuvenate your soul. A meditative moment to ground into your being, and a gentle reminder of your ability to rise, and use your wings.

Bath Tub Recipe:

1 Cup Epsom Salt (to soak away the pain)
1 Cup Baking Soda (to spark the light that will take its place)
3 Drops Rejuvenate Essential Oil Blend:http://bit.ly/1GBq0sP (to remind the body, mind & spirit that it’s okay to let go)

Pre-Bath Ritual:

A session with a Dry Skin Brush (for lymphatic and energetic wellness, brush away what no longer serves you. Always brush toward the heart. Exhale, and breathe.)

The lighting of a natural soy or beeswax candle (to remind you of the light that burns bright in your soul)

The presence of a healing crystal (clear quartz, to create the sacred space to begin to fluff those wings)

Post-Bath Ritual:

Luminous & Glow, Essential Oil Skin Rejuvenating Serums: http://bit.ly/18KAGGX (to remind you that from the inside out, you already glow. Time to use that inner light to guide you as you use your wings to soar)

Fly free,
The Well Scent Team

Well Scent Healing Remedy Line: http://well-scent.com/

Originally Shared: http://bit.ly/1Re8O0N

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