Well Scent’s Six Ways Rejuvenate the Mind, Body and Soul on Sunday:

1. Take a Soul Bath

We’re all about Epsom Salt baths for detoxing the body and relieving pain, but sometimes our soul needs some pampering too. The cool thing about salt is that it not only promotes healing on a physical level, but in many models of energy medicine and ancient practices, it is known to energetically cleanses the auric field, the chakras and the body’s energetic system. Epsom salt and baking soda, accompanied by chakra balancing essential oils, is often just what the soul needs to release, reset and restore.

Our recipe for a Soul Bath: 1 Cup Epsom Salt + 1 Cup Baking Soda + 4 drops Pause for Peace (a Cardamom & Rose blend ) + Your Favorite Healing Crystal + a Natural Soy or Beeswax Candle + A Soul Nourishing Book. Peace.
Pause for Peace

2. Have a Spa Moment

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, from the inside out. This Sunday, take a moment to remind your skin of its innate ability to glow. Draw your inner light out through your skin by nourishing it with a spirit-rejuvenating and skin balancing essential oil serum. We recommend a Lavender, Rose & Cocoa Creme blend (like our Glow serum) for hearts that need a confidence boost and skin that needs a little rejuvenating after winter. We recommend a Helichrysum, Neroli & Shea Butter blend for minds that need comforting and skin that needs clearing (like our Luminous serum). Let your soul shine.

3. Greet Your Yoga Mat

Whether you use your yoga mat to stretch, meditate, or practice yoga, utilizing an intentional moment to re-align the mind, body and soul can set the stage for a beautiful, fluid, prosperous week. Adding aromatherapy to your physical-spiritual practice can not only create a soothing atmosphere for your work, but can deepen the spiritual aspect of your intention to re-align. We recommend dabbing a little bit of a blend with Lotus on your yoga mat, and doing some breathwork before you begin. Lotus encourages the body to ground and sprout roots in the present moment, while encouraging the spirit to blossom into the world.
Over The Moon (Lotus Blossom Blend)

4. Ground Your Body in Nature

“Earthing” is a practice essential to health and wellness. Our connection to the earth is what aids our body in maintaining homeostasis, and reminds the body of its innate ability to restore, rejuvenate and heal. Learn more about earthing here.
Getting grounded outside is one of the most powerful ways to do this, and can help mitigate inflammation, headaches, insomnia and anxiety. While outdoors, adding a dab of an essential oil blend with grounding and lung-expanding Frankincense to further the soul-nourishing nature experience. Ground your mind with the vibration of the earth, and fill your lungs with the natural scent of serenity.

5. Start a Spring Cleanse

Spring is a time for new beginnings. It’s the perfect time to offer your body a fresh start after a long winter. Physically cleansing the body of acquired toxicity not only lays the foundation for physical health, but strengthens spiritual and emotional wellness as well. In many models of energy medicine and eastern traditional medicine, it is believed that the organs store emotions. Essential oils offer the unique ability to not only remove unwanted physical toxicity from organs but energetically allow the organs an opportunity to release emotional toxicity and stagnant energy. Utilize a blend of Peppermint and Ginger (like our Belly Bliss blend) to release from the abdominal organs, where we typically store grief. Utilize a blend of Cypress and Rosemary (like in our Release blend) to release from the kidneys, where we typically store fear. Utilize a blend of Chamomile and Blue Tansy (like in our Rejuvenate blend) to release from the liver, where we typically store anger and resentment. Be balanced, be well.
Belly Bliss

6. Smile on Sunday
Remind the whole family to smile by diffusing a blend of neurotransmitter-balancing and uplifting Jasmine and Bergamot. Because after all, Sundays are always better when we’re smiling. 

Enjoy your rejuvenative day, 
The Well Scent Team

Words, Well Scent

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