When I think about the last four years in business and the continued support of our community, I am filled with gratitude. If not for all of you, I wouldn’t be sitting in front of my computer today, reflecting on the journey and sharing our story once again. If not for you, we wouldn’t have a platform to share our vision for healing, mind and body.

And our story is an unconventional one. During the same period in which I was effectively disabled from Lyme Disease and Mold Illness, I was asked to share several products I had developed (for personal use) with patients at Sophia Health Institute in Woodinville, Wa. and customer’s at People’s Pharmacy in Austin, TX. The business model, infrastructure, branding and formulations, were all created during the most painful and challenging period in my life, which was also a time when I connected more to a sacred path, my personal power, and the inherent gifts I had forgotten when I was too busy living in the “real world”. The women that would join me along the way were similarly fighting to regain their health and had also chosen a spiritual path for meeting those challenges.

Soon we were supported with testimonials and letters of gratitude, and the community we initially hoped to inspire became our source of inspiration. The business was promoted by esteemed practitioners and celebrities alike, but more importantly, we parlayed what we knew about complex illness to discover unmet needs of many with chronic illness. We shared how we were meeting those challenges and the narrative between our brand and community inspired and energized the path.

But it hasn’t been easy. Like many small businesses, we faced challenges, not the least of which was competing in a market where MLS’s rule. But we carry on, believing there is still a market for discriminating consumers looking for organic and wildcrafted blends, and a company that is on a mission to make a difference.

If you have been following us for awhile, you know that we are not promotion-driven. Our newsletters are infrequent, but when they go out, the content is unique. Content for our social media pages is similarly thoughtful; the focus is not on sales or moving product, it is about sharing resources for healing.

But today we have to get behind entrepreneurs and small businesses, because who doesn’t love handcrafted goods and unique services and the beautiful stories of small companies that started with nothing but an idea? It is not easy to compete with large corporate companies. Small businesses work twice as hard with a fraction of the budget. It is a tireless endeavor and most entrepreneurs give up a lot to do what they do.

With our deepest acknowledgement of gratitude and in homage to fellow entrepreneurs, please take advantage of our promotion. Use “shopsmall” for 20% off your oder through this Monday, November 28th. And to inspire your holiday shopping, I curated a short list of reasons to gift Frankincense.

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Product Tips for Using Frankincense:

? Studies have shown that Frankincense contains powerful anti-cancer properties, and also protects cells from radiation damage. This makes Frankincense a great support for anyone undergoing treatment for cancer. For friends or family struggling with cancer, this is a wonderfully nourishing and supportive treatment. Ways to gift Frankincense? Send a bottle with other self-care items.
? For loved ones that travel frequently, send a holiday gift bag of epsom salts, a bottle of Frankincense, and a natural sponge. Add a recipe card to basket or bag (1 cup Epson Salts plus 5 drops of Frankincense) to help cleanse the body of accumulated positive ions and radiation from flying.
? To mitigate holiday stress, Frankincense encourages deep breathing, which can directly support the immune and nervous system. Send a bottle of Frankincense with a non-toxic beeswax candle.
? For the yogi in your family, send Frankincense to use during meditation and yoga. Add yoga socks or a new Yoga Journal magazine.
? For those wanting to ground their energy in the home, use 5 drops of Frankincense in a diffuser. Other complimentary holiday inspired oils to add for a diffuser blend; orange, cedar, pine or rosemary.

Hope this was helpful! Feel free to add some of your favorite tips for using Frankincense below!

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