During the season of giving, this cause is by far the nearest and dearest to our hearts.

Some of our customers and community members may not know this, but Well Scent is a small business run entirely by a team of women, women that happen to also be Lyme Disease Survivors and Wellness Warriors. We dedicate each moment of the day to healing and each intention that we personally or professionally set is sent into the Universe with wellness and wholeness in mind. Our greatest inspirations are the doctors and practitioners that have not only supported our apothecary, but the very ones who have guided us in our own journeys to health. Our apothecary would not be where it is today without the practitioners of the Sophia Health Institute, but neither would the team members behind it. We are eternally grateful for our practitioners’ wisdom, benevolence and support.

While these practitioners may be our biggest inspiration, do you know who our biggest heroes are? The children and young adults who rise each and every day to fight this disease. They are our heroes.

That’s why our hearts are filled with joy this season to see our Sophia Health Institute practitioners vowing to support LymeLight Foundation, a foundation that is rooted deeply in hope. Lymelight offers grants to children and their families who are struggling to afford treatment for Late Stage Lyme Disease and associated complex chronic illness. Because Lyme Disease treatment is almost entirely uncovered by insurance, many struggling children go without the treatment that they need to thrive. Lymelight doesn’t just gift children hope for better days; Lymelight saves futures. Today, Lymelight can officially say that they have awarded treatment grants totaling at over $2 million and have supported 391 children in 42 different states. It’s been a true gift to watch Lymelight grant children the ability to be treated by practitioners like the ones at Sophia Health Institute. What a beautiful partnership and in our minds and hearts, the most worthy of our support this season.

There is no greater gift that you can give a child than the gift of health.

Sophia has vowed to match every donation made to Lymelight this season, up to $5,000. So please, join the effort to heal the youth of our mending community and donate to LymeLight Foundation this season. Your donation will not only make double the impact, but it may just be the donation that changes a child’s entire life.

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With holiday thoughts and well wishes,
The Well Scent Team

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