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Sometimes, when a dream ends, that’s where our soul’s true purpose begins.

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Obstacles, detours, hardship, illness, the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, a closed door or an opened wound. These moments in your path are not failures. In fact, they may be the very moment that defines who you are; not the struggle itself, but who you become when you turn your eyes away from your dream to face it. It’s where we are gifted the opportunity to succeed at learning, growing, releasing, strengthening, and where we find the place within where our true power and wisdom lays. A diamond isn’t born a diamond. It begins as the mere elements of greatness and beauty, but its pieces need unimaginable heat and insurmountable pressure to come together to shine.
So perhaps it isn’t a dream itself that is important, or whether or not we “achieve” it. Perhaps the most important aspect of our hope-driven lives is who we become while dreaming. For it isn’t when we’ve received a gold medal, a good grade, a top score or a pat on the back, that our life begins to make sense. It’s when challenging life experience gifts us the gained wisdom to see with new eyes and an enlightened heart, who and where we were meant to be all along.

So today, instead of reaching for the stars, ponder the idea that perhaps you were the star all along.

Shine bright,
The Well Scent Team
*Smile-Brightening Blends pictured, Sparkle & Shine.

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