In light of the rare and powerful Full Moon that is taking place this Saturday night, we wanted to share a beautifully powerful testimonial for our “Over The Moon” blend. 

Over the Moon – Endocrine Support

Anna Scurry, Founder of The Alive Academy, discovered our essential oil blends, and her experience with Over The Moon was remarkable. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart, Anna, and for being such a source of inspiration for women seeking empowerment, wellness, unwavering balance and unshakable strength.

“I was introduced to Well-Scent’s oils from our friends Ron and Lisa. As a Lifestyle Nutritionist and Cellular Healing Coach I am always looking for the best tools, products and ways to help myself and other women heal and feel their absolute best! I received my “Over the Moon” bottle right before I went to Tony Robbins UPW and I used it everyday. I felt so much more hormonally balanced overall. I also scanned myself upon my return with my Biofeedback Device and for the 1st time my ENTIRE Endocrine system was balanced and equal! I could feel the power and balance of my beauty and femininity. I now recommend this oil to most women, as it is transformational on the emotional, well-being and physical aspects helping to align us with our Truest self ” ~ Anna Scurry

With love,
The Well Scent Team




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