This week, Well Scent was blessed with multiple beautiful reviews by some of our community’s leading wellness warriors. Please visit their websites to read their kind words (and enter Kathy’s Well Scent giveaway!):

*Melissa of Reveling in Raw
Essential Oils for Chronic Health Challenges

“Energize (Adrenal & Energy Support): Stacy was wonderful to send me an adrenal support blend because I’d told her about my health challenges and she felt strongly that it would help. She was right! The instructions say to use 3-4 times a week, so I put it on every other day. What is unique about this oil is that I can apply it directly to my lower back, and it bypasses the gut and goes directly where it needs to go. I’ve noticed an obvious boost in my energy, especially on the days that I use it. I am so thankful that I have this healing tool in my arsenal. It’s proved indispensable for me and where I am right now. Thank you, Stacy and Well Scent!”

*Katie of Empowering Astrology
An Astrology-Inspired Holistic Self Care Toolbox

“When the astrology hints that we’ve crossed a major right of passage or that change is on the horizon, essential oils are a wonderful way to bring in support. I reached out to my friends at Well Scent, makers of organic essential oil blends, and they recommended Pause for Peace. It’s a custom mix of sandalwood and frankincense, two oils that help to ground and stabilize during chaotic astrology. I’m absolutely in love with the blend, by the way. It has rose, vetiver, ylang ylang, and cardamon in it as well.”

*Oly of TLV Birdie Blog
Natural Dental Care 101

“Watch Your Mouth is a dental formula created from organic, wildcrafted and therapeutic essential oils that acts as an extreme clean toothpaste replacement & mouthwash. Easy to use – just 2 drops on a dry toothbrush instead of toothpaste. Targeting inflammation, infection and bad breath, Watch Your Mouth provides effective support and significantly reduce bacteria. I am loving it’s very down-to-earth herbal scent and light feel. Definitely going to continue using these drops with a hope it will become my absolute habit.”

*Kathy of The Lunchbox Bunch
5 Ways Essential Oils Improved My Wellness (and a Giveaway!)

“My Digestion Feels Better Product: BellyBliss. Perfect digestion would be a glorious thing. But for me, certain foods, amounts of food, eating styles or stress levels can send my digestion into a tailspin. It acts up. Gets sluggish and unhappy and causes me to have to slow down my day and also be more careful about what I am eating. The result can be discomfort, a feeling of imbalance, bloating or just an overall feeling of misery.

Enter, BellyBliss. After ordering this product, I started taking 1-3 drops and rubbing a few drops on my stomach, after dinner to encourage healthy digestion. Within a minute I can feel this tingling sensation that sinks into my skin and just feels nice. I was happily surprised when BellyBliss really starting calming my stomach and making my digestion feel more efficient. I am not an expert on essential oils by any means, like Stacy is, but I do know when something is working for me.”

With gratitude and love for our new friends,
The Well Scent Team

Photo Cred: TLV Birdie

Words, Well Scent

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