As a team of wellness warriors and Lyme Survivors, we’ve collectively tried a lot of things. We’ve found value in alternative medicine, plant-based medicine, energy medicine, committing to dietary changes, and living a nontoxic lifestyle. But the one thing that we’ve found to be most important is our environment. Assuring that you’re living in a low EMF, mold free and chemical free environment can be the sole foundation for whole-body healing.

We often like to say, expecting your body to heal in a toxic environment is like expecting a fish to thrive in a dirty tank. A healthy home creates the space for a healthy body.

We’re working on a resource page for those healing or striving for wellness and balance.
There, you will find resources on Mold Illness, EMFs, Diet, and referrals to enlightened and invaluable practitioners.

This morning, we’d like to introduce one of our tools for addressing indoor air quality and maintaining balance in a healthy home. Our “Mold Plus” essential oil blend purifies the air, and not only reduces airborne viruses and bacteria, but also potently addresses airborne fungus and mold. It also has the unique ability to reduce the mycotoxins produced by household mold, which are the fungal-byproducts that can contribute to many neurological, neuroimmune and autoimmune chronic illnesses. Our blend is our formula for the ancient remedy, “Thieves oil”, which is a blend of essential oils that dates back all the way to the 15th century when it was successfully used as protection from the plague. The uses for our Mold Plus blend are endless- whether you are diffusing it in the home, using it to clean your home, using it as an internal antifungal or an external immune support, we hope that our blend protects your vitality, enhances your health, and brings healing into your home.

Mold Plus Blend

Wishing you all of the tools you need to thrive,
Well Scent Social Media Manager

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