Just like the lotus, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness 
and radiate into the world.
10801948_766606973414653_8103974208772939952_nSet the stage for a new year by reflecting with gratitude on the last one, and setting your intentions for the bright path ahead of you. 2015 is waiting for you to shine your light and step into your innate power and wisdom. We’re closing out this year by spending some time in meditation, and stepping into a restorative space to empower our body, mind and spirit. We’re using essential oils, of course, in the process.Using Aromatherapy to Empower & Shine:~Lotus Blossom Oil
The oil of the ever-inspiring Lotus flower has anciently been used in spiritual ritual, meditation and ceremonies. It is the perfect oil for empowering the spirit to overcome past obstacles and step into the light, carrying the wisdom that comes from overcoming and the quiet confidence that comes with finding peace.
Included in our Over The Moon blend.
*Dab on the sternum before yoga, meditation, prayer or before bed*
otmblack~Rose Oil
Rose is known as the oil of the heart. Physically, it stabilizes the neurotransmitters responsible for our ability to feel authentic joy. Energetically, it opens the heart to allow joy to come in. Using the energy medicine model, Rose oil opens the heart chakra and clears it of burdens, allowing the space for new blessings, joy, and unconditional love. All things that we hope and pray fill your new year.
Included in our Pause for Peace blend.
*Diffuse in the evening, use a few drops in the bath, or rub behind ears or into temples*
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset~Geranium Oil
Sometimes, all we need is a moment to exhale. Geranium allows us the space not only to breathe for a moment, but to release the stress and tension that keeps us from staying in the present moment. Geranium stabilizes the neurotransmitters and hormones that cause anxiety, and aids in the ability to see the blessings and bliss in this time and place. Allow your spirit the chance to stop projecting into the future, and enjoy the beautiful path that’s taking you there. Geranium oil’s message? Exhale, notice, and smile. Everything is going to be wonderful.
Included in our Smile blend.
*Dab on in the morning, to rise, smile and shine*
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We also offer a sample set of all three empowering oils.
We wish you a bright new year.
Take care of you, and Shine!
The Well Scent Team

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