Please say hello to Corey and Katy of Peoples RX Austin’s Favorite Pharmacy. (Do you guys notice anything special about their T-Shirts?)

Corey is actually one of two people that helped to launch the Well Scent line. A friend of mine shared some of the blends I had created at the time to support my Lyme treatment. Later, my friend told me that Corey wanted to carry the blends in the Austin-favorite pharmacy! (I think I excitedly called TWO or TEN friends to share the good news!)

People’s Pharmacy is such a special place in Austin for so many reasons (organic and local food options, cold brewed organic coffee, grocery items, supplements, etc,) but the BEST part is getting to talk to the practitioners that work in the Wellness Department. As a person with unique health challenges, I have benefited for years from their counsel.

I am incredibly indebted to Corey for helping Well Scent to find its very first customers (Thank you Corey!) and for Tifphanie, another gifted practitioner, for the introduction.

The Well Scent line has been available in the People’s Pharmacy in Westlake for more than a year now. We are hoping to eventually be placed in additional locations as well, and possibly their online store too!

Thank you also to Sarah who continues to take the best pictures for Well Scent. (I love that she managed to get this amazing photo of Corey and Katy next to the merchandising for Well Scent!)

Well Scent thanks all of the venders and practitioners and customers whose continued support permits us to do what we love best!

Love, Stacy

Words, Well Scent

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