~Well Scent Becomes a Butterfly~

This is Stacy, founder of Well Scent and the heart and soul of the apothecary. The healing blends and the intentional energy contained in each Well Scent bottle are a manifestation of Stacy’s own path to health and wellness. After years of searching for solutions to her complex chronic health challenges, Stacy discovered the Sophia Institute, where she set out on a path of healing from Late Stage Lyme Disease and associated conditions holistically and with natural medicine. Through this experience, she not only discovered the depths of what it means to truly heal, but she also discovered her innate personal power, as well as a natural intuitive ability to integrate plant based medicine and soul-nourishing energy to create healing medicinal blends. Stacy began crafting her own essential oil remedies, and after experiencing positive shifts, decided to share them with her healthcare team. The Sophia Institute recognized the value in her healing aromatherapy creations and began incorporating them into their patients’ protocols. This was the humble beginnings of Well Scent apothecary, and Stacy’s act of stepping into her own light.

Here at Well Scent, we’ve come to understand that healing is a transformation. It’s an act of reclaiming one’s personal power, and releasing all things that dampen our innate ability to shine our light. The process feels ever-unfolding, and continuously shows us a new way to be in the world. For us, it feels very much like the process of becoming a butterfly. There’s a cocoon period of healing and growing and transforming, and then a beautiful process of discovering our wings, and learning how to use them. As Stacy re-enters the world in this phase of her healing, she is stepping into her light and spreading her new wings. Because Stacy’s healing is so intertwined with the apothecary, Well Scent is growing with her. This brings us to our announcement today:

Well Scent has become a butterfly.

We’re so proud to announce that over the Summer, Well Scent went through a cocoon period in which we were supported by a brand new team of professionals that helped us build our wings. Scott of Dojo Digital skillfully aided us in elevating our website functions. David of David Heisler Photography gifted us with beautifully empowering photography. Jaime of Studio Aiuto saw our design vision and created a beautiful new face for the pages of Well Scent’s site. Lauren Bedal assisted with her graphic design skills in the final touches of Well Scent’s transformation into a butterfly. So today, we are proud to unveil a brand new website, complete with rebranding, new aesthetics, enhanced functions, a refined blog, expanded content and a brighter light. Through Well Scent’s public evolution and Stacy’s personal one, it is our hope to touch more hearts, enter more homes, share more wisdom, support more patients, uplift more underserved communities and empower more souls. As we step into our light, we hope that Well Scent and its health-promoting, energetically imprinted blends encourage you to step into yours.

Enjoy the Evolution: https://well-scent.com/

With love and newfound light,

The Well Scent Team


Words, Well Scent

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