Here at Well Scent, we don’t believe in striving to achieve a “flawless” look. We don’t believe in “perfection”, or in concealer and cover-up. We believe in honoring scars, celebrating the “imperfections” that make us unique, and UNcovering innate and natural beauty.

That’s why we created our organic body & skin care line.


Our radiant serum, Glow, merely acts as your skin’s reminder that from the inside out, you already glow.

Lavender Oil: Soothes redness, allowing your skin’s natural illuminating sheen to shine through.

Grapefruit Oil: A gentle antimicrobial with the potential to eliminate bacteria and all that is not naturally you, restoring the true essence of your skin.

Rose Otto: A calming aromatic oil with invaluable healing and restorative properties, with the ability to restore skin’s natural resilience, elasticity, and glow. Also healing to the 4th chakra and the heart, allowing for your inner light to shine from the inside out.

Glow Serum


Our new rejuvenative serum, Luminous, is perfect for both a body and a spirit that have been through a trial. Whether it be a chronic illness, an athletic endeavor, a harsh environment or an emotional event, Luminous rejuvenates a tired mind, replenishes a weary spirit, and restores the natural vitality of your skin, enabling you to continue shining your light with boundless ease and grace.

Helichrysum Oil: An oil regarded as “spiritual sutures”, Helichrysum reconnects and heals the ties between the mind, the body and the spirit. When realigned, this allows for a clear mind, a strong spirit, and a body with beauty that is illuminated from the inside out.

Neroli: A physical and emotional stress reliever, allowing the mind to ease and the body to release tension. Thus, neroli smooths skin and allows the space for the body to naturally soothe dilated capilaries and begin to regenerate skin cells, restoring the body and the skin’s true and authentic vitality.

Frankincense: The essential oil for the true warrior and the persevering survivor. Frankincense is a natural pain reliever, inflammation reducer and dermal purifier. The reduction of pain, the soothing of inflammation and detoxifying of the skin removes the blocks that prevent your innate light from shining through. Frankincense gifts the user brighter days, allowing for restored inner peace, illuminated outer beauty, and the foundation for a bright and joyful spirit.

Luminous Serum

And don’t forget, you already glow.
The Well Scent Team

Words, Well Scent

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