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Home is the place you return to. Home is the place your soul exhales, and your spirit breathes.

It’s the place you get to take off your shoes and allow your bare feet to touch the floor, where you can shed your coat, your armor, your shield, and your being can finally relax into the safety of your claimed space. It’s where you open the door to be greeted by the aroma of your favorite essential oil, the lingering scent of your shampoo, and the faint smell of last night’s dinner permeating from the kitchen. It’s where the voice of the one you care for hangs familiarly in the air or the sound of your favorite television show fills the room. Home is the place that envelopes you in the grounding energy of security, the scent of comfort, and the sound of love.

“Home” isn’t the structure itself. It isn’t what a house looks like. It isn’t where it falls on a map. It isn’t how new it is, how clean it is, how big or how small it is. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there for 20 years or a mere 20 minutes. Home is something that you bring with you.

A home is something you create with energy and intention. It’s the place your spirit decides it belongs. In the end, wherever you find your heart, that is the place you call home.

Look around you at the safe and sacred space you have created. Look at this beautiful moment on your path, and how much you have accomplished and overcome to be in this moment and in this space, here and now. Tell your soul that in this moment, this is enough. Ground in this space, and rather than projecting into the future, welcome your spirit home.

Welcome home,
The Well Scent Team

Candice’s Scent of “Home”:
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