Adrenal Love

The time change is approaching us, and as we feel the days get longer, the hours of light become shorter, and sense that rising chill in the air, you may begin to inevitably feel that pull to stay inside where it’s cozy and warm. You can just hear that cozy blanket, your fuzzy slippers and your mug of tea calling your name. This is the season that pulls at our energy, not only because of the long days full of holiday to-dos and obligations, but because it’s the season of retreat and hibernation. We’ve been out in the world and in the sunshine all summer, and now it’s time for our body, mind and spirit to “fall back” and take a rest.

Yet, with this season also comes the impending holidays, and our day to day obligations don’t relent. So how do we keep our energy levels high throughout our long days, while also allowing our bodies the time and space to take the rest that they so crucially need? With adrenal support.

Your adrenals are the powerhouse of our body; they’re our body’s energy center. They control our hormonal levels, capacity for energy and vitality, and determine our sleep/wake cycle. They effect more bodily systems than most of us give them credit for; they have a direct relationship with the autonomic nervous system, our blood pressure and heart rate, our neurological health and our digestive health. And this season, they need a little love.

This is what we had in mind when we created Energize; we wanted to give credit where credit was due. We wanted to provide a blend for the ever-working and under-appreciated adrenal glands that would not only provide them the support and energy they need to function optimally and keep a body going throughout long days, but one that would also provide the soothing peace, love, alignment and balance required for restful evenings and restorative nights. So this Fall, as we move toward the time change and into the holiday season, release your adrenal’s ties to #fatigue#insomnia and #stress, and offer them a little rejuvenative love.

HOW TO USE: Begin your days with fuzzy slippers, a mug of peppermint tea, and a dab of Energize on your lower back. This morning ritual will support proper cortisol, hormone and energy levels to avoid that impending afternoon lull, but will allow the balance needed to return home after a productive day and retreat into your peaceful, sedate space.

HOW IT WORKS: Cedarwood aids us in maintaining grounded while also supporting proper neurotransmitter levels and a proper relationship between the adrenals and the brain. Cedarwood is highly balancing to the nervous system. Spruce oil is the go-to oil for adrenal stress. It acts as not only an adrenal “tonic”, but as a supportive factor for the production of cortisol and the hormones that allow us the energy we need in times of challenge and stress. Pine is also a crucial hormone support, supporting the entire endocrine system’s balance and flow.

Energize Essential Oil 

Wishing you a restorative Fall,
The Well Scent Team

(Written By, Candice Mitchell)

Words, Well Scent

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