It’s throwback Thursday! #TBT to that time we captured the love contained in every Well Scent bottle.

The heart that appeared on this particular bottle of our “Glow” blend was merely a reminder of how intentional we’ve been in energetically imprinting each bottle that we craft.

We aren’t just mindful of energetically protecting our blends from electromagnetic radiation or unwanted energy, but we also imprint each and every bottle with pure healing energy to promote a sense of wellbeing, peace and love. We want our customers to receive more than just essential oils in their bottle- we want their bottle to be an invitation to a healing experience.

Currently, we’re re-formulating our “Pause for Peace” blend. We thought this was a perfect time, during our rebranding, for a Pause for Peace rebirth. The oil will now have a greater amount of Sandalwood, making the blend more gender neutral while also making its grounding effects more powerful. We also thought it was important to re-imprint this blend with a fresh intention, as the energetics are just as important to us as each blend’s natural ingredients.

Our newly reformulated, grounding “Pause for Peace” has now been imprinted with comfort, joy, and agape love. We intend this to create the space for each user’s spirit to feel deeply rooted and at home in the body in all circumstances, allowing the user to find peace in all moments and joy without constraints.


With love,
The Well Scent Team

Words, Well Scent

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