We sent the beautiful, intuitive, empowered The AstroTwins a package of some of our essential oils (energetically imprinted for healing). They tweeted us a response this afternoon, along with a picture of the blends that we sent.

AstroTwins: “Well Scent blends are literally making us smile today.”

Here is what we sent Tali and Ophira:

  • Smile: Our most popular blend for emotional health and healing the heart and soul. The essential oils in this particular blend (Jasmine & Geranium, to name a few) support neurological health and aid in balancing neurotransmitters in times of anxiety, restlessness or sadness. The energetics of the blend bring joy into the 4th chakra, your heart’s center, and aid in releasing all that is not you.
  • Breathe: A newer blend in our health and wellness line, specifically formulated for those challenged with asthma, allergies and difficulty breathing. The essential oils in this blend (Marjoram & Peppermint) are fantastic antihistamines, and the energetics of the blend aid in fostering emotional strength, confidence, and the ability to exhale and trust. Breathe’s mantra: I am calm, I am capable, I am present, I am well.
  • Over The Moon: Our blend originally crafted during a powerful full moon, intended to not only support women physically with hormonal and endocrine re-balancing, but spiritually as they seek to manifest their hearts greatest desires and align their body, mind & spirit with their personal power, innate purpose and ultimate intentions.

Here is what they sent us later in a beautiful e-mail later the same day:

Ophira and I just wanted to send a big thank you for sending over the beautiful blends. We really love the mission and story behind your company (and the beautiful design). I am going to bring them with me for my honeymoon trip to Burning Man tomorrow. I know each one of them will be so useful there. We love supporting amazing women in business so this just makes sense. And I’m sure our readers will totally dig what you’re doing too! Thank you again and much love and gratitude to you all! Tali Edu

We are so honored to have made it into the AstroTwin’s home, and it brings us joy to know that our essential oil blends have uplifted their already radiant spirits. Here is what they shared directly with us later in the day:

Love and light,

The Well Scent Team


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