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Exciting Crystal and Apothecary News!

Each of our essential oil remedies is now paired with a healing crystal upon blending, and is energetically imprinted with the healing vibration of the unique stone’s properties.

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“The truth that we can heal, we must learn again. Medicine is in our hearts and also in the heart of that which we call the Universe.” -‪Nikola Tesla‬

When Well Scent first began, Stacy knew that each blend she crafted needed to be special. What was going to set Well Scent and its offerings apart? It wasn’t going to solely be the integrity of each ingredient in each and every blend; it would also be the intention behind choosing it. It became clear that Stacy was called to provide the community with bottled opportunities to holistically heal, on a level that spanned beyond physical wellness- lovingly and intentionally crafted plant-based remedies energetically imprinted for healing. Well Scent’s foundation may be deeply rooted in plant-based medicine and natural physical healing, but the energetic imprint and the concept of vibrational medicine is what gives each blend its wings. Each essential oil blended speaks to the body, and the vibration of the blend is what touches the heart and soul.

“The entire biological system, the brain and the earth itself, work on the same frequencies.” -Nikola Tesla

Before crystals entered the apothecary, each of our blends was imprinted with pure intentions relative to the healing purpose of the remedy, and sent with the frequencies of love, empowerment, connection, grounding, hope, balance, joy, peace, and sacred wisdom. Each ingredient and oil gifted from nature also possessed its own unique healing frequency, allowing a physical body’s vibration an opportunity to match the vibration of elements of our earth. In an effort to enhance the connection to the healing vibrations of not only our earth but of our Universe, we have now paired each blend with a crystal that possesses a strong and pure healing vibration similar to the unique intention of the blend. It is as our friend and crystal guru Hibiscus Moon expresses, “vibrational frequencies communicate in so many ways varied ways we’re just not evolved enough to perceive.” Though we may not be able to perceive them with our conscious mind, we can feel them, and receive their moving messages in our heart, and hear them with our soul.

Our Blends and their Accompanied Crystals, Now Married and Vibrating in a Beautiful Friendship:


Over The Moon and Peach Moonstone, The “Goddess Stone”
Moonstone is a beautifully empowering stone for women. It supports the revitalization of both the 2nd and the 6th chakras, supporting the hormonal and endocrine system with a unique completeness. It aids in the healing of the pituitary gland, the ovaries, and the uterus, and is said to also physically, emotionally and spiritually assist women struggling with fertility challenges. Peach moonstone specifically possesses a divine feminine essence, assisting intuitive women to own their gifts and step into their innate power and their light. Its delicate hue reminds us to own the beauty of the radiant goddess that resides deep in our natural being.
Over the Moon Sacred Attar

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Under The Stars and Blue Calcite, The “Stone of Peace”
Blue Calcite is known to be one of the most soothing stones on the planet. It is powerfully cleansing, yet possesses a gentle ethereal presence allowing us the serene time and space to release what no longer serves us with ease and grace. It aids in clearing the mind, unburdening the heart, and re-introducing a spirit-driven joy to the soul. With blue calcite, peace flows like a forest’s stream, trickling through the tranquility of night.
Under The Stars Sacred Attar

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Sparkle and Lepidolite, The “Unafraid to Sparkle” Stone
Lepidolite is a glittering stone that is made up of mica that has taken up residence around a core of pink tourmaline. This creates a magical crystal rooted in pink tourmaline’s message of self love and self esteem, surrounded by lepidolite’s essence of bright optimism and loving acceptance. Lepidolite is an encouraging support for those in transition, its sparkly presence reminding us to be confident in our ever-growing and expanding light, and to be unafraid to walk forward and shine.
Sparkle Dental Care 

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Shine and Mookaite Jasper, The “Stone of Grace”
Mookaite Jasper embodies grace. It aids our spirit in recognizing the beauty in our lessons, the truth in our experiences, and the wisdom in our soul. It allows us the space to integrate our life’s lessons into our way of being, and walk forward with a quiet confidence that only comes with enlightened understanding. Mookaite Jasper allows us the opportunity to recognize our unique and innate beauty, and in that state of knowing, shine.
Shine Dental Care

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Just For Grins and Sunstone, The “Stone of Joy”
Sunstone is like a “smile in a stone”. It gently eases the heart chakra to open and let love in, and to feel the joy that exists all around us, readily available at our fingertips. Sunstone is one of nature’s happiest gifts, reminding us to cherish moments, laugh often, and never forget to hug the ones we love. It is said to carry the energy of sunshine, reminding our spirit that regardless of life’s season, we can shine brighter than the sun.
Just for Grins

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Watch Your Mouth and Prasiolite/Green Quartz, “The Honest Stone”
In addition to the cleansing and purifying properties of clear quartz, green quartz is said to speak specifically to the heart. It cleanses and clears both the 4th (heart) chakra and the 7th chakra, allowing both our mind and our heart to see the truth, hear the truth, and live our truth. Green quartz aligns our heart and our mind, healing our connection to the true essence of who we are and what we know to be our true life’s path. It allows us to release all that was not meant for us, so we can continue to move forward in our journey of becoming who we were always meant to be.
Watch Your Mouth

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Balance and Spotted Jasper, The “Stone of Grounded Balance”
In ancient tradition and ceremony, jasper has been an invaluable tool for grounding and balancing the mind, body and spirit. Spotted jasper, specifically, is known to be a powerful balancer of Yin and Yang. Known fondly as the “Supreme Nurturer”, it offers grounding in times of confusion or challenge, and re-introduces balance and peace to a struggling spirit. Turn to spotted jasper to stabilize the root chakra, nurture the seventh chakra, and remind your spirit that it is safe to come home.
Balance Blend

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Renew and Moss Agate, The “Regrowth Reminder”
Moss agate is the stone of new beginnings. It acts as a reminder to our body, our spirit and our soul that our being is much like a rich forest, ever-able to revitalize and regrow. Enlightened gardeners love moss agate, because it is said that when it is buried in a flower pot or strewn throughout the soil of a garden, it has proven to increase and encourage new plants to grow. Our body receives the very same message from the encouraging stone: it is safe to sprout roots, you are able to rise tall, and now is your time to abundantly flourish.
Renew Blend

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Release and Rhodonite, The “Stone of Release”
Rhodonite is known to be a valuable crystal for one’s spiritual “first aid kit”. It has been used traditionally as an aid in rituals to release the energy of painful experiences of the past, and to heal the place within us where that energy once resided. Specifically nurturing to the fourth chakra, Rhodonite encourages the healing of emotional wounds and the forgiveness of the source of past pain. It uplifts the mind, body and spirit and offers an invitation into a higher vibrational state of being, a state of vibrant wellness, grounded wholeness and joy.
Release Blend

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Resolve and Lapis Lazuli, The “Speak your Truth” Stone
Both protective and cleansing, Lapis Lazuli is known to be a stone that clears and shields the throat chakra, allowing us to speak our truth without hesitancy, boundaries or barriers, but with security and protection. Lapis Lazuli’s sends an empowering message not only to our fifth chakra, but to our entire being, that it is safe to tell our story, and to speak and live our truth. Lapis Lazuli reminds our body of its indomitable strength, our mind of its fortitude, and our spirit of the beauty that lays in our story, waiting to be shared.
Resolve Blend

With the vibration of love, wellness and wholeness,
The Well Scent Team







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