Recent research and medical developments have revealed that Mast Cell Activation Disorder and heightened histamine levels may be behind many chronic symptoms experienced by those diagnosed with complex chronic conditions like Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Food Sensitivities/Intolerance, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Dysautonomia, Autoimmune Disorders and Immune Dysfunction.

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Recently, we’ve received a lot of inquiries about using our essential oil blends to stabilize mast cells and relieve the symptoms of high histamine. While this can be tricky due to varied sensitivities among patients with mast cell issues, we have some recommendations on how to use aromatherapy therapeutically to stabilize and support your system.

What’s challenging about Mast Cell Activation, is that every affected individual has a different set of triggers. It’s hard to know what your triggers are or would be without bioresonance testing or autonomic response testing for your specific sensitivities and needs. We typically recommend consulting with a naturopathic or holistic physician, or a chiropractor or practitioner that can guide you in that way on your supplement/remedy/blend choices. Klinghardt-trained practitioners are trained in autonomic response testing, so the Klinghardt Academy’s certified practitioner list is a good place to start.

While we aren’t practitioners ourselves and aren’t familiar with your unique sensitivities and needs, we are patients ourselves with first-hand experience as well as extensive education in the therapeutic use of essential oils, so we do have some recommendations! Generally, we recommend that those with Mast Cell and histamine issues initially avoid essential oils derived from flowers or trees. They are often cross-reactors for mast cell triggers. But that still leaves you with some great options to begin your journey in healing through aromatherapy. Peppermint Oil is typically the safest for those with Mast Cell because it is relatively benign in terms of mast cell triggering, and it is also a wonderful anti-histamine and system stabilizer/soother. Essential oils that are herbal in nature are also wonderful choices, like Rosemary, Fennel, Chamomile and Thyme. They tend to be detoxifying, gently assisting the liver in releasing toxicity that may be the underlying cause of mast cell activation.

So what I would recommend is to start out with either a single oil (Peppermint!) or blends with very few ingredients.

peppermint essential oil for histmamine intolerance

Peppermint Oil This single oil can be used in countless beneficial ways for those with histamine issues. Research has shown that it single-handedly has the ability to reduce a histamine burden, and works together with other anti-histamines to prevent further allergic reactions. Dab on the bottom of your feet, behind your ears, on your sternum or even under your nose to open airways and calm an itchy, rashy, allergic episode. It’s also great for mast cell-related GI upset or headaches. You can put a drop in your bellybutton or massage it into inflamed areas on the abdomen or head.

Rejuvenate product for mass cell disease


Because a toxic liver often releases inappropriate levels of histamine and holds toxicity that triggers mast cells, this is an incredibly important blend for those healing Mast Cell Activation Disorder. It does contain Geranium, but we find it to be non-triggering in most because of the many other ingredients that work together to prevent histamine release. Start with putting it on the bottom of your feet before bed, and cover your feet with socks. Work up to putting it over your liver before a detoxifying bath or shower.

mold plus oil for dysautonomia

Mold Plus

This blend is important for those of us who are triggered by mold in our home. Mold is often the #1 trigger and root cause of mast cell activation disorder. Even if you don’t suspect mold in your home, mold is naturally around us outside in our environment, so it’s a great idea to either diffuse or spritz  a blend with Clove and Rosemary while you’re out for the day to cleanse and purify the air while you’re gone. Then you get to come home, and breathe easy. I would start with merely putting a few drops on cotton or tissue or in jars and disperse them throughout a room before you leave. Then discard them when you come home and see how you do.

If you struggle with GI manifestations of histamine and mast cell overproduction, we also recommend introducing Belly Bliss for relief.

If you have questions about which blend might be best for you, please email our Social Media Manager and Health Consultant, Candice, at

We wish you hope for healing, brighter days, and unwavering inner peace.

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