That Perfect Sunday Morning Coffee Date…

That lingers on for hours and hours, even as the cafe clears and the water glasses are removed from the table; the conversation continues, unfazed by the sign being switched from ‘open’ to ‘closed.’ That afternoon, you find yourself wrapped in a cozy blanket with a cup of german chamomile tea in in one hand and a book in the other, soon finding out that that one chapter that you intended to read somehow turned into two, three, four – now that book you just started is nearly finished.

These are the moments to savor, to hold onto, to remind yourself of why you shouldn’t always begin your day off with voicemails, unanswered emails, and ten cups of coffee. These are the moments that spark imagination, awaken self acceptance, and promote clarity; to fully delve into “not doing” can easily turn into the most uplifting and memorable day for weeks to come, and you may find that the more you allow these lingering moments of stillness, the more calm and clear the mind will feel.

How to Manifest Self Love, Peace, and Clarity

Getting Started: Is something you can’t ask of yourself all at one, you be patient with yourself as you make this transition from a fast paced mind to a more peaceful one. These moment where time slips away and we become lost in a world entirely our own is not by coincidence, it’s through an unknowing need to be present and learn more about ourselves.

Where To Begin: So, why not start with one hour each Sunday, slowly building up until you no longer have to think, “I am present” but instead you just are. Until you’re find yourself at that coffee shop with your best friend talking for hours on end without a questioning or self-doubting thought.

A Few Ideas…

  • Meditation Ritual
  • A Brunch Date
  • Treat Yourself Hour
  • A Chapter a Week
  • Weekly Detox Bath

A Step By Step Sunday Guide:

*Times may vary…

  • (Between 8am – 10am) Creating a Meditation Ritual can be an incredibly intimidating, especially when you think of where, when, how you’ll be able to incorporate this into your weekly schedule, but if you allow yourself patience and  forgiveness when slip ups happen (because they will), mediation will soon become second nature. So, to help get you going here are a few tips for beginning your first mediative practice, a scary but completely achievable goal. A goal that will lead to a Sunday full of rest, self acceptance, and clarity. I forgot to mention the best part, the only thing that you’ll need is yourself, a comfortable seat (can be a cushion, bed, yoga mat, or even couch), grounding essential oil (optional), and an open mind.
  • (Start around 11am) A Brunch Date with a good friend or by yourself, either will work just fine! If you’re with a friend, don’t bring a thing (besides means to pay), that way you can get lost in moment, not worrying about where else you “should” be or what else you “should” be doing. Most importantly, before you leave be sure to schedule another date for next week. If you go by yourself, bring your favorite notebook to jot down any interesting conversation you might overhear, or light thoughts that you may have. Relax and sink into the moment as you let the world around you bustle on by. There is no where else you need to be but here.
  • (Around 2pm-3pm) Treat Yourself Hour is quite simple, all you have to do is come up with one thing that you wouldn’t dream of doing otherwise. For instance: Binge watching that Netflix show you’ve been lusting after, turning on some tunes and making your favorite cookie or drink, heading to that little boutique down the road to browse, and to maybe actually buy something this time. The list is endless and entirely up to you! Don’t hold back, do something that either makes you laugh or smile endlessly.
  • (4pm-5pm) A Chapter a Week might sound easy, that is until you start thinking of all the other things you “should” be doing. So, if you can, pick a page turner, a book that you cannot wait to get back too. Make yourself a cup of tea and find a cozy place to rest your body and your mind, allowing yourself to get completely lost in the words on the page instead of in your mind. You may find that a chapter a week turns into two, three, or maybe even four!
  • (After Dinner + Before Bed) Detox Bath. While the water is filling up the tub, light some candles, grab your journal, put in a cup of epsom salt for detox, diffuse lavender essential oil to calm + clear the mind, and lastly, add a few pumps of our Glow, our radiant serum. Once you have everything all set up, climb in, write down a few intentions, reflect on your day, and prepare your body and mind for a restful nights sleep.

*Products in photo: Gaia Collective, The WildUnknown, MooreaSeal, and Anthropologie.

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Wishing you many magic filled Sunday’s to come,

The Well Scent Team 


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