Did you know that peppermint deactivates homeopathic remedies?

This is one of the reasons why many holistic physicians and healthcare practitioners, including biological dentists, have become Well Scent vendors and recommend or sell our dental line in-office; when they prescribe a patient a natural protocol that includes homeopathics, they often recommend switching from a mint-based toothpaste to our peppermint-free essential oil mouthwash and dental cleansing powder. This way, the patient is able to preserve both the integrity of their protocol and the health of their smile.

Just for Grins Mouthwash and Toothpaste Replacement

Just for Grins is an all natural mouthwash that includes anti-microbial essential oils that not only cleanse the mouth, but also reduce inflammation and support the immune system and circulatory system systemically. Some of the key players in Just For Grins are Niaouli, Myrrh, Cinnamon and Neem oil. It’s safe for adult smiles and mini smiles alike.

Shine Remineralizer and Toothpaste Replacement

Shine is a natural “toothpaste replacement” that pairs beautifully with our natural mouthwash blends. They’re a match made in heaven when used together on your toothbrush. We have two selections- our formula that contains peppermint oil, or our formula that is peppermint free, and is comprised of Baking Soda, MSM and Clay.Here at Well Scent, our ultimate goal has always been to support our community in their healing endeavors. We hope that our dental blends help our Well Scent family do just that; may your new protocol elevate not only the health of your body, but be equally as nourishing for your spirit and your soul.

Rise, Smile and Shine,
The Well Scent Team

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