May all your sorrow vanish and all your dreams come true and the light of the Winter Solstice always shine on you.”


Tonight is the night of the last New Moon of the year and the day of Winter Solstice, the mark of the emergence of winter light. Today is magic. It’s the day of new beginnings, and the celebration of the strength of a light that is born in the quiet moments where it is least expected.

Just like your inner light.

Use the magical energy of today to embrace your inner light and illuminate your own path, and begin to manifest your greatest wishes for the new year. For empowering solstice and new moon inspiration, read Via Syma Kharal’s article on Elephant JournalWinter Solstice- A Bridge to New Beginnings“,‘s article on The New Moon in Capricorn and The AstroTwins‘s article “7 Winning Moves for the Capricorn New Moon“.

Us? We like to use essential oils.

#EssentialOils for Empowerment & New Moon Manifesting:

*Lotus Blossom Oil: A traditionally sacred oil anciently used in meditation, ritual and prayer. Its physical and spiritual effects mirror the lotus itself. “Just like the lotus, we have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of darkness and radiate into the world.”

*Rose Oil: Rose is the oil of the heart. On a physical level, it soothes and calms, and on a spiritual level it opens the heart and soul to love, new opportunities, abundance, joy, and invaluable connection.

*Geranium Oil: One of the most uplifting and empowering oils for the spirit. It encourages the user to shine their innate light, and act as a candle as they ignite the lights of those around them.

Our Over The Moon Blend

Wishing you a Winter Solstice full of light,
Candice Mitchell, Social Media Manager

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