Well Scent Girl: Stacy Shuman, Certified Aromatherapist & Well Scent FounderHoliday Gift Pick: Smile – Mood Support Why: Because jasmine and rose are indulgent and geranium balances hormones, so I will be gifting my girlfriends a non-toxic perfume that supports neurotransmitter health and is utterly feminine.

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Well Scent Girl: Candice Mitchell, Social Media Manager Holiday Gift Pick: Glow – Radiant Serum Why: I like to remind my loved ones of their innate beauty, so I’m planning to gift Well Scent’s radiant serum this season. Its tamanu and rose oil are nourishing to the skin in winter, and restore its natural vitality. With the help of essential oils show your loved ones that from the inside out, they glow.


Well Scent Girl: Melissa Cox, Instagram Manager and Contributor Holiday Gift Pick:Pause for Peace – Relaxation SupporWhy: I’ll be gifting Pause for Peace to my loved ones so they will be able to create a space of reflection and joy by staying grounded during the Christmas season, and inspired by the approaching new year.

Well Scent Girl: Kayla Denny, Photographer and Contributor Holiday Gift Pick:Shine  – Mineral Rich Dental Polish Why: I love gifting our dental blends to family & friends, firstly to influence them away from conventional toothpastes that are full of toxins and sugar, and secondly because I know that these blends will positively impact their overall health. Shine is hundreds of times more powerful than toothpaste, whitens teeth, and can even reverse cavities over time. Who wouldn’t want that?

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