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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

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Here at Well Scent, we don’t just view our customers as customers. We view them as our family. Those who surround Well Scent are our people, our clan, our community, our motivation, our inspiration and our tribe. We are forever grateful for how each of you has allowed us into your journey, and for the opportunity to play a small role in each of your evolving paths. Thank you for being such an invaluable part of ours. We have consistently felt surrounded by high vibrational beings and breathtakingly beautiful spirits. Your energy only feeds ours, and continues to validate our message and affirm our purpose as a whole. Thank you for resonating with our intent and for sharing your own goals, dreams and aspirations with us. May we all walk forward together, assuring that each of us continues to shine. Here’s to growing strength, expanding opportunities, newfound wellness and an illuminated future.

Good Vibes from the Well Scent Tribe

“The Well Scent blends are founded in science but what I love most about them is that they feel so magical. My current favorite is Balance which I am using for Lyme and co-infections. I had intended to take it internally, but it just smelled far too amazing not to use externally too. I massaged it on my neck and clavicle before bed and drifted off amidst the warmest, woodiest most decadent blend of orange, wood and plant resins imaginable. The next morning I slept through my friend talking to me, asking if I wanted coffee. I am the lightest sleeper, so I knew this was a very special product right then. While it’s made as an antimicrobial, I’m actually even more impressed by the deep deep sleep – I can’t imagine anything more healing. Next I’m trying Under the Stars, I’ve heard such remarkable things about it!” -Wellness Blogger Mika

“Candice mentioned she had shared my feedback on our first purchase but to tell you directly, we are astounded at the effectiveness of the Relieve Oil for our son Hayden. He has managed to be on his feet everyday since we started using it two weeks ago. It has given me such hope!!! Thank you for creating such amazing, healing products, you are truly impacting peoples lives! I am a total believer now!!!! Looking forward to trying more products for him and me….placing another order today.” -April, Well Scent Community Member & ‪#Lyme‬ Warrior Mom

“I incorporate the Well-Scent line of products into nearly every patient protocol that I write. I love the vitality of the oils that are so thoughtfully and lovingly chosen for their healing effects. The research and intention behind every formulation is reflected in the clinically effective and energetically beautiful products. Almost all of my patients have trouble with lymphatic stagnation and the combination of the Release lymphatic and sinus oil blend with ultrasonic vibration is incredibly effective for breaking up thick mucus and biofilms.” – Dr. Dahlgren of Holistic Healing Arts

“I was introduced to Well-Scent’s oils from our friends Ron and Lisa. As a Lifestyle Nutritionist and Cellular Healing Coach I am always looking for the best tools, products and ways to help myself and other women heal and feel their absolute best! I received my “Over the Moon” bottle right before I went to Tony Robbins UPW and I used it everyday. I felt so much more hormonally balanced overall. I also scanned myself upon my return with my Biofeedback Device and for the 1st time my ENTIRE Endocrine system was balanced and equal! I could feel the power and balance of my beauty and femininity. I now recommend this oil to most women, as it is transformational on the emotional, well-being and physical aspects helping to align us with our Truest self.” -Anna Scurry, Biofeedback Practitioner of Queen Esther Society

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Journey on, luminous community. And never forget the hope in your story, beauty in your truth, and the light in your unique presence. Keep showing up, keep sharing, and keep shining.

With love and gratitude, 
The Well Scent Team

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