“The first element of true love is loving kindness. The essence of loving kindness is being able to offer happiness. You can be the sunshine for another person. You can’t offer happiness until you have it for yourself. So build a home inside by accepting yourself and learning to love and heal yourself. Learn how to practice mindfulness in such a way that you can create moments of happiness and joy for your own nourishment. Then you have something to offer the other person.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

So during the season of loving kindness, remember that showing up to a gathering with an armful of boxes wrapped in paper and bows may be valuable, but the most invaluable presence of all is the being that walks into the gathering with a glow. The person who walks in with joy to share, and an internal burning flame ready to re-ignite the lights of others. That is the greatest, and most memorable, gift of all. So set the intention this season to be the candle in the winter night. Nurture your own warmth, your innate shimmer, and allow yourself the space to make sure that your smile’s roots lay deep in your authentically joyful soul. You are the glowing gift. The rest is just extra confetti.

A Gift of Loving Kindness
One for me, and one for you.

  • Epsom Salts from San Francisco Salt Company
  • A Beeswax Candle from Bee Organic
  • Over The Moon Sacred Attar and Essential Oil Blend
  • Or, Under The Stars Sacred Attar and Essential Oil Blend
  • The Recipe for a “Soul Bath”: 1 cup Epsom Salt, 1 Cup Baking Soda, 4 drops Essential Oil


And a loving mantra: “I am the light”

May you soak in the glow of your own luminous soul.

Shine on,
With loving kindness,
The Well Scent Team

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