Stacy and I just finished having a quick little business conversation. While on the phone, she said something that really resonated with me. I believe it was in reference to the Well Scent team, but she said that her intention was to “meet women where they are.”

I believe that this is actually one of Well Scent’s core intentions. To meet people where they are. To be supportive in the moment, and to honor each step of an individual’s journey to balance.

Most companies, especially those marketing to women, focus on what needs to be “better” and “improved”. Through the messages sent through their products, companies tell women that they must vie for “flawless skin”, “longer eyelashes”, “easy, breezy beauty”, “silky hair”, or “reduced signs of aging”. The message is that in this moment, you are not perfect. Your focus must be on achieving perfect beauty in the future, because you don’t possess it where you are at. You’re either too heavy, too pale, too dark, your hair is too curly, too straight, you’re too old or you’re too young. Their message is that in this current moment, you are undesirably flawed, and that their company can provide you with the much needed “fix”.



Well Scent’s intention is entirely different. Instead of showing individuals where they should be, how they should feel, or what they should look like, Well Scent meets the individual in their moment. Well Scent’s goal is to create products that merely remind the individual that they already possess all that they need where they are at. That they already have everything they need to embody their unique beauty and value. Well Scent’s “Smile” acts as a reminder that you still have joy inside of you. “Pause for Peace” helps you to find your inner sanctuary. “Chill Out” helps you find the inner strength that you’ve had all along. “You Glow Girl” draws your inner sparkle out through your skin. “Breathe” reminds you to exhale, because everything is going to be okay.

Well Scent meets women (and men) where they are. Well Scent is a reminder that despite the flawed or difficult or undesired parts of where you are in your journey, you have an inner strength and inner light that still shines through. And we believe that is the definition of true beauty.

Love, Candice

Words, Well Scent

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