It’s #WellnessWednesday and we want to talk about the health of your mouth. That’s right, we want to talk about your teeth.
Holistic dentists and many wellness practitioners believe that wellness begins in the mouth. Your gums and your teeth have a connection to major organs and systemic functions in your body, including (but not limited to) your cardiovascular system, your digestive organs, your lymph and even your brain. So, a simple way to support the health of not only your mouth, but your entire body today? Ditch your toxic toothpaste.

Your new toothpaste rule: If you wouldn’t want to swallow its ingredients, don’t use it on your teeth.

Conventional toothpaste contains potent toxins linked to endocrine suppression, neurotoxicity and even cancer. Some of those harmful ingredients to look out for? Sodium fluoride, which can also be found in industrial pesticides. Triclosan, an anti-bacterial chemical carcinogen. Sodium Laurel Sulfate, a damaging detergent that causes the body to act like a sponge for nitrates and toxicity. DEA, an inflammatory foaming agent known to burden the kidneys and liver.

We know that wellness advocates are equally concerned about keeping the mouth free of bacteria, cavities and gingivitis, so what’s the solution to the toxic toothpaste conundrum? Using plant-based antimicrobial and anti-flammatory ingredients derived straight from nature. Here’s how:

Here’s to taking another step toward wellness, and assuring that from the inside out, you Shine.

The Well Scent Team



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