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We love when Well Scent’s Founder and Aromatherapist, Stacy, shares her wisdom with us, and invaluable insight into the background of each of our powerful blends. This was on Stacy’s heart this morning:

“The blends we carry are multi-faceted, nuanced and touched by the power of energetic medicine. They are also balanced blends.
This means, for example, if a blend has an antimicrobial focus, there will also be oils to support circulation, immune, emotional and organ health. We approach every blend this way.

With that, when I developed Balance, I was inspired to select oils that would work with Lyme Disease and other infections, but I also added complementary oils to support the nervous system. It is of particular importance to support the body this way when chronic or complex infections are present.

However, Balance can also be used for supporting emotional health. The citrus alongside Vetiver and Frankincense make this blend a powerful ally for those with anxiety.

Here are some ways I suggest utilizing Balance:

  • Use as natural immune system support or flu prevention by dabbing under the nose, over lymph nodes on the neck, near the clavicle, over the spleen (left side of abdomen) or in the bellybutton. For school age children, place a few drops on the bottom of their feet before they put their shoes and socks on before school.
  • For antimicrobial treatment for Lyme Disease and chronic infection, may be taken internally. Begin with 1 drop shaken vigorously in 4-6 ounces of purified water one time a day and work up to two drops three times a day. The same dose can be taken using capsules. For sensitive individuals, this blend is just as effective (but gentler) when used topically either on the bottom of the feet, the center of the chest, on the neck, behind each ear or on the temples.
  • Balance is also effective against infection-induced skin rashes. Dab a few drops on a cotton ball and swipe over rash or irritated skin.”

Under the light of tonight’s powerful full supermoon, we are wishing you manifested balance. We wish our Well Scent family, and beyond, physical peace and emotional levity. We wish you the delicate balance of grounded roots and expanded wings, and most of all, we wish you a future full of health, wholeness and love.

The Well Scent Team

Words, Well Scent

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