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This is our intention not only behind the words on our pages, but behind our essential oil blends. It is not our intention to be the light that illuminates your path, rather it is our intention to remind you and your radiant spirit that you are the light.

Whenever you hear or read anything of a spiritual nature that moves you or touches your soul, you are not learning something…you are remembering what you have always known.

It is a gentle awakening.

We are merely the candle, re-igniting the illuminating flame burning in your soul. It is our wish to remind your soul of its power, your body of its innate wisdom, and your mind of its fortitude. Each blend speaks to the healer that already exists in your being and your bones, each blend calls to the wisdom of your spirit and the knowing of your cells, and each blend fans the flames of the breathtaking light shining deep within you, provoking it to emanate and light your way.

Awaken to the truth that deep within you, you possess all that you need to heal. Remember the magic of who you innately are, the beauty of who you always will be, and the strength that has always been. This December, go forth and glow.

With light and love,
The Well Scent Team


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