We want to take a moment to thank our customers and our supporters. Thank you to the practitioners who have stood behind us, and shared our healing blends with their patients. Thank you for your faith and your benevolence. Thank you to the patients who have believed in the healing capabilities of our essential oils, and who continue to walk forward on their paths in such an inspiring way. Thank you to those who are partnering with Well Scent to share our products, but more importantly our message and our story. Thank you to the whole Well Scent family, as we strive to ignite a light and keep hope alive. Together, I think we shine.As Well Scent’s Social Media Manager, I also wanted to take a moment to thank Stacy. She’s Well Scent’s Founder and Apothecary Aromatherapist. She’s a Lyme survivor herself, and as she continues to walk down her path to wellness, she actively holds space for others as they walk down theirs. I am personally eternally grateful for the space she’s held for me, and the opportunity she gifted me to share my words on this page. I am so grateful to have the chance to connect with such an inspiring audience, and to consistently be on the receiving end of Stacy’s love and light.Stacy’s Story: http://bit.ly/1ygQ9q7

Stacy and I are also grateful for the rest of the Well Scent team, past and current. Well Scent has been touched by the hands of so many gifted individuals. Chay, Sarah, Maggie, Beth, Bethany, Jamie, Lauren, Scott, Melissa and Kayla…and so many more. We are so grateful for the hands and hearts that have lifted up Well Scent along the way. My life has been forever touched by each of you.
We’ll call this our Well Scent love letter, from our home-grown apothecary to your home. We hope that you have a lovely holiday with your family and friends.With gratitude and love,
Social Media ManagerCandice

And the Well Scent team,
Stacy, Melissa and Kayla


Words, Well Scent

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