We are so fortunate to be supported by so many wonderful people!

Nancy Egger is a Well Scent customer. She is also helping to organize the Morgellons Conference this year, and she really wants us to atten so we can spread the word about Well Scent!

Nancy has experienced gigantic health challenges but is focused on giving back and increasing awareness and education around Lyme Disease and Morgellons.

As a result of this shared communication with Nancy, Well Scent is now a sponsor for this even (see link)!

Here is the amazing testimonial from Nancy:

I have had both Lyme and Morgellons Disease for 29 years. After several years of intense antibiotic protocols, I am now looking into more natural solutions to some of my health issues. I read about the products made by Well Scent online and was initially intrigued by the Watch Your Mouth and Shine Dental Powder combination to help with inflammation and other gum and teeth issues. My teeth feel cleaner than they ever have, and I no longer wake up with that nasty morning mouth. Since I was so impressed with these two products, I ordered the Balance and Renew oil blends. I use a few drops before going to bed, and it actually makes me feel so much calmer and relaxed. I am able to fall asleep much quicker. I woke up one night and remembered that I had forgotten to apply the oils, so I got up and applied it in the middle of the night. I also ordered a sample of the Smile, and will be ordering the full size bottle soon. It truly does just make you smile. I never wear any fragrances, but I love the smell of Smile. I have attended several Morgellons and ILADS conferences in the past few years, and I intend to spread the word about how helpful these Well Scent products have been.

I’m a lifelong customer! – Nancy Egger

Thank you Nancy! 

With love,

Stacy and the Well Scent Team

To learn more about Morgellons Disease, see HERE.

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