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Being a human on this planet is a beautiful opportunity, but sometimes, being a human can also be really hard. Sometimes, we get sick. Sometimes, relationships challenge us. Sometimes, we find ourselves in impossibly complicated circumstances. Sometimes, we don’t have all of the resources we need. Sometimes, we carry more stress than we feel like we can shoulder. It’s during these times that we must remind ourselves that we are doing the very best that we can, and nothing on this earth is permanent. This is just a season. It will pass, and, it’s happening for a reason. So if today is one of those days where the going has gotten rough and you’ve found yourself holding your breath until it’s over, exhale. Take a deep breath and have faith that the Universe is taking care of you. You’re going to move through this phase back into the light, and on that brighter other side everything is going to finally make sense. You’ll be wiser, stronger, and more capable than ever. Until then, take care of you. Be kind to you. Honor your unwavering endurance.

When the going gets rough…

Well Scent’s Favorite Ways to Honor Your Mind, Body and Soul

1. Take a Soul Bath

Epsom salt and baking soda baths not only have the physical capability of moving our lymphatic system and pulling toxins through our skin, but epsom salt also has the energetic ability to clear an energy field of unwanted or toxic energy. Nourish your body with epsom salt’s magnesium, cleanse your system with this detoxifying duo, and release all energy and emotions that no longer serve you with a rejuvenating “soul bath”. Remind your soul of its innate strength.

Our Recipe: 1 Cup Baking Soda + 1 Cup Epsom Salts + 3-8 drops Essential Oil Blend

Recommended Oils:

Rejuvenate– drop in your bath water or rub over the left side of your abdomen for liver detox support.

Release– a perfect blend for detox baths as it improves circulation, provokes movement in the lymphatic system, and mobilizes toxins for gentle release.

Under The Stars– a soothing blend supportive for insomniacs. Before bed, include a few drops in a bath to clear your mind, calm your body, and soothe your soul.

Pause For Peace– a meditative blend of essential oils not only for mood support, but also for meditation and prayer. It includes oils anciently and traditionally used for spiritual alignment and connection. Breathe- Dab breathe on your sternum before you slip into your detox bath to expand your lungs, and send the message to your body that “everything is okay”.

2. Draw a Picture or Write a Card for Someone Else Who is Struggling

We don’t believe that “misery loves company”. We do believe, however, that humans have the astounding ability to empower one another to rise out of darkness and back into the light. We don’t always have to be in a place full of rainbows and butterflies in order to do so. In fact, sometime the encouraging words that we share with someone else who is struggling end up being the very words we need to hear ourselves. You don’t have to extend a hand from above to lift someone out of a low place. You can rise together.

3. Call Someone Who Loves You

Sometimes, when we forget how strong and brave we are, we need a reminder from someone who loves us, and sees our strength even when we can’t. Even if you can’t see or believe it just yet, let them believe it for you until you do.

And when all else fails, ask for a hug. Sometimes the only cure for complex struggle is love. Love each other through it, and suddenly it seems to pass just a little faster, with a little more ease and grace.

Words, Well Scent

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