Our hearts go out to our neighbors in California who are affected by the Napa, Sonoma and Santa Rosa fires. We can only imagine the magnitude of the grief felt by thousands of residents who have lost their communities, their homes, or their loved ones in this ongoing tragic event. Our hearts are with your hearts during this time of displacement and devastation.

In an effort to offer just a sliver of physical and emotional support, we’re discounting our Breathe blend to 50% off. The impact of the smoke and dangerous air quality has not only impacted the North Bay, but has significantly affected the entire San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding counties. The harrowing health effects have been felt far and wide, especially for those with compromised lung function, cardiac conditions, asthma, allergies, chronic illness, and low immunity.

For those in the North Bay, Sonoma County Herb Association / Sonoma County Herb Exchange is offering a free herbal clinic at Farmacopia for those struggling.
While an N95 or P100 mask or a respirator are the only things that can shield you from the smoke (surgical masks are not effective- you can purchase an N95 or P100 from hardware stores or amazon), there are things you can do within the safety of your home or shelter that can help support constricted airways, and can also aid in breathing during times of anxiety, physical stress and grief.

  • A Nasopure sinus irrigation system can help flush the smoke, ash, particulates and toxicity out of your sinus cavity after exposure. Nasopure is available on Amazon.
  • Stay hydrated, but also drink warm tea. The fluid and warmth, combined with herbal support can break up mucus and facilitate clear airways. Herbs/teas to consider for lung support- Licorice, Nettle, Chamomile, Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm
  • Utilize essential oils. Aromatherapy can be incredibly effective in soothing spasming lungs and opening constricted airways. In addition, essential oils offer emotional support and can balance neurotransmitters and release tension and energy that no longer serves us. This makes them an invaluable tool in not only times of physical stress, but emotional and spiritual hardship. We formulated our Breathe blend with this intention; to support the user in acute moments of distress.

*Please note that aromatherapy does not replace the use of asthma inhalers or emergency medical treatment- it is intended as a supportive tool for healing and relief.

Our Breathe blend is comprised of:

  • Niaouli- a potent anti-histamine and expectorant, making it highly effective for asthmatics.
  • Frankincense– not only supportive to a suppressed immune system and compromised lungs, but also supports the limbic system and neuro-emotional balance.
  • Roman Chamomile- a soothing antispasmodic to aid deep breathing.
  • Marjoram- also anti-spasmodic, but also an effective antimicrobial to help prevent the onset of bronchial infection.
  • Hyssop- an autonomic nervous system balancer, the part of our brain that controls our “fight or flight” in times of distress, and also regulates our breathing.
  • Peppermint– the most potent essential oil for clearing the sinuses and opening constricted airways.

To purchase Breathe oil at the discounted price, please see product page.
North Bay, our heart is with you. Residents, displaced evacuees and and our natural medicine community up there- please reach out if there is a way we can support you.

With all of our love, The Well Scent Team

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