We’re all about essential oils, green cleaning, and chemical-free personal care here at Well Scent. So we want to give a shout out to Dr. Woods, and amazing organic castile soap company.

I absolutely love their “Baby Mild” castile soap with added Shea Butter. The uses for this soap are endless…so many possibilities! But what I love to do is combine them with essential oils, for added healing, anti-microbial and balancing benefits.

Here’s our suggestions on which of our essential oils (both single oils and our blends) to combine with Dr. Wood’s mild, organic, and fragrance free castile soap:

*Frankincense: Add 3 drops of our 100% Organic Frankincense to 1 Tbsp of castile soap to create an anti-acne facial wash. Frankincense has the ability to clear your complexion, while the castile soap removes dirt and impurities without drying out your skin.

*Balance Blend: Our Doctor-Supported Balance blend is highly anti-microbial…but also smells incredibly fresh! Combine 10 drops with a bowl of castile soap and water (4 parts soap and 1 part water) to create a natural solution to clean your floors or counters.

*Pause for Peace: Many of our clients find Pause for Peace incredibly relaxing in a bath. For added ambiance, turn your relaxing and meditative bath into a bubble bath! Add 3 drops of Pause for Peace to a capful of castile soap, and pour into your bath for soothing suds.

*Peppermint: Our 100% Organic Peppermint oil is fantastic for migraines. But sometimes your migraine trigger though may be right under your nose! When you start to feel your headache hit, add 2 drops of peppermint oil to 1 Tbsp of castile soap and use it to wash your face with cold water. The peppermint oil will help calm and clear the tension in your head, while the castile soap may wash away your migraine trigger.

*Energize: Our Energize blend was formulated with those early mornings in mind. It’s our adrenal support blend, and is best used upon arising for the added boost of energy you need to begin your day. Add 8 drops to your bottle of castile soap and use it as a bodywash each morning (Lavender oil is a great addition to a castile soap body wash if you shower at night!). Start your day out on the right foot (or end it peacefully on your pillow).



To check out more of Dr. Wood’s soaps:http://drwoodsnaturals.com/

Or to take a look at our essential oil options: https://well-scent.com/

 Candice, Well Scent Social Media Manager


Words, Well Scent

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