Pause for Peace

“First comes pain, then comes power. First the heart breaks, then it soars.”‪#MarianneWilliamson‬

Take a moment this weekend to honor your journey. Honor the hard moments, but acknowledge your perseverance. Honor the pain, but notice the strength. Reflect on the obstacles, but celebrate your ability to overcome. Own that you are a survivor, but know that there is also more to your being; you are here not only to survive the fall, but to rise up with your newly rebuilt wings and soar.

So take a moment to honor your indomitable spirit. Soak in the peace that come with knowing that there is purpose in your path. There is wisdom in your pain. There is light at the end of the tunnel. And most of all, you are learning all you need to know in order to one day very soon, lead the life you were always meant to live. Each moment leading up to this one was a moment of “becoming”, resulting in the uniquely beautiful being that you are today.

~Ways to Honor Your Journey & Pause for a Reflective Moment of Peace~

*Take a Soul Bath: This evening, light some natural beeswax or soy candles and run a bath with 1 Cup Epsom Salt, 1 Cup Baking Soda, and 5 Drops Pause for Peace. As you soak in the soul-nourishing scents and the epsom salt begins to encourage your body to release what no longer serves it, set the intention to allow your spirit to let go too. As you soak, with gratitude let go of the past, and bask in the light of your illuminated future.

*Create a Vision Board: One side of your vision board celebrates all you’ve overcome. Your victories, your accomplishments, and your path of gained knowledge and strength. The other side brings light to your hopes for the future. Cover both sides of a piece of cardboard with construction paper and paste magazine clippings, photos, and representative treasures to illustrate your evolution. When finished, bless it with a few drops of essential oil (Pause for Peace) and place it in a special place in your home that will remind you: Life is your canvas. You are the artist who holds the brush that will illustrate your beautiful future.

*Meditate & Manifest: Get out your crystals, essential oils, and journals. It’s time to meditate on the past and all we have learned, and use it to welcome the life we know we’re meant to live. Dab your meditative essential oil blend on your wrists or temples (Pause for Peace is clearly our choice of the day) and find a quiet space to sit with your grounding crystals (we’re loving amethyst and pink tourmaline) and begin to reflect with gratitude and awe of your journey, release that old energy that no longer serves you, and then sit in your cleansed space to welcome in the new. As you enter that final, clear, quiet meditative moment, notice what comes into that newly opened space. Welcome new wisdom. Notice new thoughts. Be touched by the promise of opportunity. Journal it. Allow magic to happen. Let the light in.

*Give Your Wishes Wings: One of our favorite tools (besides essential oils!) in ceremony is fire. Not only does it aid in helping us let go, but it is a powerful aid in evolution and the transforming of energy. We love it as a beautiful way to honor and release pain, but to also give energy and tangibility to our hopes and dreams. Our new favorite discovery is Flying Wish Papers: Write down your wishes, bless them, light them, and watch them fly.

May you recognize how far you have come, realize your innate strength, honor your purposeful path, and may your soul begin to soar.

With love and light,
The Well Scent Team

Pause for Peace Essential Oil Blend

(Written By, Candice Mitchell)

Words, Well Scent

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