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Connecting with our community and our Well Scent family is the best part of our jobs. Each week, we’re able to hear your personal stories and address a number of your questions and curiosities. One of the most common questions that we receive about our ‪#‎essentialoil‬ blends, besides “can I eat this?”, would be the age- old aromatherapy question “what does _______ oil smell like?”. It’s one of the most important questions of all! If you’re going to bathe in our essential oils (both literally and figuratively), it’s important to know a bit about what you and your world will smell like after your first experience with Well Scent’s blends. So join Candice and Chloe as they each uncap a few of their favorites, and describe the scent that begins to fill the room.

This week’s Aromatherapy Question: “What does Well Scent’s ________ blend smell like?”


  • Candice describes “Under The Stars“: I imagine Under the Stars smelling like a lush forest on a warm summer’s night. It also has sweet undertones, the comforting scent of vanilla and citrus lingering behind the initial grounding, mossy aroma. My first thought when I first smelled Under The Stars? This smells like I’m eating a decadent dessert in the middle of a forest. Who brought cake to my meditation?
    *Under The Stars, Sleep Aid and Sacred Attar:
  • Chloe describes “Over The Moon“: A wave of calm serenity washes over me, as I breathe in the magic of rose, bergamot, sandalwood, and frankincense, for I know that I am home. Over The Moon smells like the candles that my mom lights every time we sit down to dinner. They are warm scents, often geranium and rose. It’s like I don’t even have to think, the scent just wraps me up in the warmest of blankets, calming and nurturing me down to my core. When the smell of Over The Moon ignites that magnectic warmth within, it gives me the strength I need to go forth knowing that in my heart I will always carry the comfort of my home.
    *Over The Moon, Endocrine Support and Meditation Aid:
  • Candice describes “Renew“: Renew: Have you ever walked through an orange grove in California on a crisp Fall day, while sipping a mug of freshly mulled wine? Yea, me neither. But having grown up in California, knowing the vibrant sense-awakening aroma of a sunny Fall day, I have an inkling that this is exactly what our Renew blend smells like. Its beautiful, awakening and yet subtly comforting blend of Blood Orange oil, Cinnamon and Clove smells of sweet ripened citrus and warm spiced wine. The earthy undertones of Myrrh and Thyme remind me of Autumn leaves crunching beneath my feet. So, in the middle of January when the rest of the world is frost bitten and blue, I feel as though uncapping “Renew” invites the vibrant and colorful essence of Autumn to fill my room.
    *Renew, Immune Tonic and Circulatory Support:
  • Chloe describes “Rejuvenate“: With smell comes a moment. A feeling. When I smell Rejuvenate, I am instantly transported to my childhood days, filled with nature walks, hot roman chamomile tea, geranium covered windowsills, and the sweet smell of fennel being cut in the kitchen. When a smell can take you out of your body, even for an instant, you know that it’s benefits are filled with nothing but full body love.
    *Rejuvenate, Liver Detoxification and Digestion Support:
  • Chloe describes “Protect“: Breathing in thyme, fir, clove, and cypress, I am suddenly walking through a wooded grove, the whispers of the nearby stream providing me with an overwhelming sense of confidence and creative light; the strength and protection that I need to take chances and go on little adventures. Protect is a blend I carry with me at all times, never letting me forget the importance and positive impact that nature has on my soul. I am forever protected.
    *Protect, Immune Protection and Flu Remedy:
  • Candice describes “Relieve“: Relieve smells the way my living room used to smell during Christmastime, on a calm and cozy winter’s night. The clearing and clarifying aroma of peppermint and wintergreen remind me of candy canes, the hint of clove in the background reminiscent of cider warming off in the kitchen, and the presence of soothing Chamomile welcomes the nostalgic energy of the ritual of getting cozy with a hot cup of tea. That is why to me, our Relieve blend is named so aptly. To me, it is the scent of home, of comfort, and of relief.
    *Relieve, Natural Anti-inflammatory and Pain Relief:

What does “home” smell like to you? What is the scent of “wellness” and the aroma of “wholeness”? We hope that each of our Well Scent family and friends have had the chance to discover their answer inside of a Well Scent bottle.

With nostalgic scents, timeless memories and bottled love,
The Well Scent Team

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