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Zen Habits. An Adventure a Week

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While keeping the momentum and excitement for the warmth of the year to come, we must remember to set aside time to tap back into the core of who we are, reminding ourselves of why we do the things we do, who is important to us, loving memories of moments past, all while recognizing the habits we want to hold onto vs. the ones that we can slowly let go of.

Slowing Down:

It’s hard, but certainly not impossible. If we start small, at 15 minutes a week, building off of that and the positive motives that come from these moments, then we’ll eventually be able to make this zen habit second nature, and before you know it your bag will be packed, the tea will be made, and you’ll be on your way to some much needed self-love. You’ll be on your way to a life based around flow and intuition, not to do lists.

*Here are a few zen essentials, but feel free to mix them up, take things away, or add in a few of your own creations. Also, this zen habit can simply be you and your thoughts, nothing else. 

Your Zen Adventure Guide:

What You’ll Need:

Where to go:

  • The Park Down the Road
  • An Open Meadow
  • Shore of a Lake
  • Your Back Yard
  • Somewhere peaceful, quiet, and preferably filled with the sweet aromas of nature

Making Habit:

  • Start Slowly, 15 minutes, building by 5 every week
  • Allow for forgiveness when slip ups happen
  • Get excited. No adventure is too small, so let yourself to look forward to this time every week that you get to spend with yourself
  • Let go, but make sure it’s done with ease, love, and positive intentions.


With wildflowers + fairy dust,

The Well Scent Team 

Words, Well Scent

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