essential oils for yoga

We partnered with online yoga mecca, Yoga Vibes, to talk about the profound healing potential of marrying your ‪#‎Yoga‬ practice with ‪#‎Aromatherapy‬ blends. Whether you place a dab of a blend with Rose oil on your sternum before meditation, or a few drops of a blend with Bergamot on your yoga mat before you begin, the healing properties of essential oils combined with the restorative practice of yoga can balance the nervous system, clear the fourth chakra, and lay the foundation for unwavering peace.

Head over to the Yoga Vibes blog to read more about how to utilize yoga & aromatherapy for anxiety, sadness, and healing the heart.

Aromatherapy blends for Yoga & Meditation

Smile Mood Support
Pause for Peace Relaxation Support
Over The Moon Endocrine Support
Breathe Lung Support

The Well Scent Team

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