If you have been following this blog, you have read about my Lyme treatment in general, and the specific work I have done around addressing dental infections. Within a week of the last surgery two months ago (see Previous Post with lab findings pointing to gangrene), it was necessary to discontinue all thyroid medicine.

I think it is important to share that my energy has remained stable. Although I still have significant cognitive challenges, I am reading again. In fact, I have read several books in the last two months. Succes, hooray!

The crazy thing, and it bears repeating, is that these teeth (root canals) were asymptomatic! No inflammation or pain or receding gums or sensitivity. I took it on faith that these FOUR teeth should be extracted based on extensive research and the recommendations of doctors I trust (Sophia Health Institute). Trust me, these progressive doctors know what they are talking about, and I fully realize how expensive and inconvenient the work is, but it is definitely worth serious consideration for everyone, and particularly anyone affected by chronic or complex illness.

(For more information on finding a holistic dental health provider, see Well Scent page: RESOURCES. You can also learn more here: Dental Materials Brochure. Additional reading about the dangers inherent with root canal infections can also be found HERE and HERE.) 

i love food.

(learning about Histamine and fodmaps)

This is my daughter and me hanging out, which I have been better able to manage lately!

I love food.

I mean, I really love food. It is seriously a favorite topic of mine and I am admittedly obsessed. I can trade and talk shop with the best of them. I can ferment, culture, juice, blend, roast and sprout and I buy local, seasonal, organic, non-GMO, and preservative-free (You get the picture, right?). And food is not just something I eat, it is often the single non-work activity I do on a regular basis, hence the photo above taken at Picnik Austin, a local hot-spot for butter coffee and green smoothies and locally sourced meals.

I have experimented with macrobiotic, vegan/ vegetarian, raw, nourishing traditions, Body Ecology Diet, Paleo, etc., Many of these had some clear benefit, but none of them exactly resolved my challenges.

More recently I have learned about different groups of foods (FODMAP, Fructose Malabsorption, Low-Histamine) that may be problematic for some people and I am experimenting at home because, guess what, I CAN do this AT HOME without running expensive labs!

The information and resources are changing all of the time as it relates to environmental medicine (which seems off topic but I relate much of what is happening with gut health to changes in our environment). Years ago, when my own journey began, there were a handful of books to read. But there is so much more information out there now (which can be problematic so look for trusted resources). I share this in hopes that you will take heart if you are feeling discouraged because there are things you haven’t tried yet, and those things may be wildly inconvenient, but it is better than having your gallbladder removed because your doctor doesn’t know what else to do (This actually happened to me. The surgeon later shared a photo of my gallbladder, “the healthiest gallbladder we have ever seen.” Cool, thanks doc.).

If you are interested in reading more about some of the aforementioned food topics:

The research on histamine foods was inspired by a Saturday-Night green smoothie (Whatever, I know how to party). I chose the smoothie over a tenderloin for dinner which, apparently, my body failed to appreciate. The next morning I inadvertently came across an article on histamine foods and saw that spinach and strawberries were at the top of the list! Ha, now I am not saying I am some kind of detective, but I did feel pretty happy for the coincidence.


Japanase yams cooked in coconut oil and ghee! Sprinkle with powdered stevia, salt, nutmeg & cinnamon.

unconscious eating

So now that I covered quickly my recent learning of histamines, we can move on to the next topic. Food. Admittedly, this was the last topic, but this a departure nonetheless, stick with me.

I have a confession to make. I can seriously get through a meal and not remember one bite. I mean, who here is not eating unconsciously once in awhile? Okay, maybe you aren’t all as gluttonous and mindless as I am, but I am betting some of you can relate. In a media-saturated, modern industrialized society and a food industry that cleverly packages and promotes food that is loaded with chemicals and hormones and genetically modified ingredients (sidebar for tangent), how can you not be stressed out and eating poorly and unconsciously once in awhile?

The consideration of food is another opportunity to be complicit in your own healing. I personally get to experience how bad I am at it so often that I have to wonder what the point is of recognizing this truth. Knowing the thing apparently isn’t enough to own your behavior around it, and so I revisit my relationship with food frequently.

Are you eating as a way to simply avoid being present to your life, with all of its complexity and pain and uncertainty? All of THAT stuff is at least as important to our healing as the food we are eating! What are you doing to take better care of you? Are you asking for what you need, setting boundaries, finding time to be alone, making your own self-care a priority?

Finally, these are MY food rules:

  • If you are going to have a treat, ENJOY IT!
  • Cultivate a relationship with food that is not about your weight and body-image.
  • Allow food to be the spirit-teacher in your life, because it can and often will point to your soul work again and again.
  • Do not obsess! Try to find that easy place where you enjoy food, are mindful of what supports you and then forgive yourself when you should, which is always by the way…  (Okay, and then tell ME where that place is! Just kidding.)
  • Own your bad habits honestly and with humor. If I cannot responsibly eat dates or dried mangoes (I can’t!), I just won’t bring them home. Or I will bring four home.
  • Your body often knows what it needs and what it doesn’t want. If you are quiet and paying attention, you might find that you already have some of the answers you are looking for!
  • Ask for help. Do your research and when it gets complicated, check in with a friend, a book, a practitioner. You are not effective in your own healing when you are obsessing.
  • Trust your body! For years I suspected that certain foods did not agree with my body. I ate these foods anyways because, well, I wanted them and presumably they are “healthy” foods and, seriously, it can be hard to be in a world on a food-restricted diet! I am trying to own my truth now, even if it is an unpopular or inconvenient one.

As always, thank YOU for letting me share and for allowing me to be a part of your journey and healing. I look forward to hearing your own stories as well.

Love, light, healing,

Stacy Shuman




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