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A little Liver Love, and Belly Bliss.

After last week’s long weekend and the summer festivities come to a close, it’s time to prepare ourselves for transition into Fall and quieter months, where our bodies, minds and spirits have the chance to retreat inward and do some restorative work.

Your Liver: The liver is the body’s center for detoxification, restoration and rejuvenation. It’s the organ that acts as the body’s filter, responsible for releasing what we don’t need or no longer serves us, and filtering out the things that may do more harm than good. This is not only true on a physical level, but an emotional level as well. Energetically, our liver filters strong emotions such as anger, frustration and resentment. If we don’t care for this important distinguishing organ, it can become burdened and tired, no longer acting as a filter but more like a storage house for toxicity. After a lively summer, the beginning of Fall is the perfect time to support our liver and release what we may have accumulated, making room for a restorative and healthy new season.

The Remedy: Rejuvenate– A detoxifying and supportive blend for the Liver and Digestive Tract.

Contains: Blue Tansy oil (for detoxification and release), Chamomile (for soothing inflammation and organ restoration), Fennel (for bile and enzyme production support) and Geranium (for releasing emotions that no longer serve us, to welcome in joy).

How to Use: Dab on your liver (right side of your upper abdomen) before a castor oil pack or before your time in a sauna. Drop into your epsom salt and baking soda detox bath. Dab on your liver or the bottom of your feet before bed. Place a few drops in your belly button before bed.

Belly Bliss

Your Belly: 75% of our immune system resides in the gut. The digestive tract is our protector, our nourisher and often times the dictator of how we feel. Maintaining an optimal digestive environment is crucial to whole-body wellness. In addition to its physical role in our vitality, the gut also affects our entire energetic system and the way we emotionally feel, and dictates whether or not we hold on to things or choose to let things go. Do you feel as though you “swallow” emotions? Harboring sadness in the “pit of your stomach”? When feeling anxious, do you move through life holding your breath? Exhale. Then fill that belly with air, and give yourself permission to release everything but your life force energy, and the pure joy of this new moment in present time.

The Remedy: Belly Bliss– A soothing blend for Intestinal Support and Digestive Relief

Contains: Peppermint (to soothe inflammation and inflammatory responses), Tarragon oil (to calm muscle tension and spasmodic activity), Cinnamon Bark (an anti-microbial to support the immune system and balance beneficial bacteria levels) and Marjoram (to energetically re-align the nervous system and send the restorative message that in this moment “all is well”).

How to Use: Use in abdominal massage during times of distress. Drop in belly button. Drink in 4 oz of water (or capsule) after a meal. Place on bottom of feet (especially for little ones) at the end of the day.

Wishing a restorative Fall and a season of peace for all,
The Well Scent Team 

(Written By, Candice Mitchell)

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