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From Certified Aromatherapist and Well Scent Founder
One of the things I love most about about working with essential oils is that, for many, it resonates with an ancestral knowledge of plants, a time when we intimately knew the landscapes we walked and enjoyed gathering plants for our food and medicine. Cultivating that innate sensibility and checking-in with your intuition supports healing and wellness but getting there is a process. Use the product information on each page as a guide and check-in with your wellness practitioner for new ways of using aromatherapy to support your journey towards health of body, mind and spirit.
Smiles, Stacy Shuman

Did you know that the Well Scent Social Media Pages are managed by inspiring women healing from Lyme Disease?
Meet the Well Scent Girls. 

And, as we step into our own light and healing, we hope that Well Scent will encourage you to step into yours.
Below are some of our most popular posts shared recently. 



Natural Remedies for Symptom Relief

Winter Blues
  • Boost your serotonin levels and balance your neurotransmitters with Jasmine.
Hormonal Headache
  • Balance your endocrine system to reduce estrogen dominance and related hormonal symptoms with Geranium.
Tension Headache
  • Release the tension in your neck and soothe the stress that caused it withLavender.
Sinus Headache
  • Reduce the inflammation in and clear inflamed sinuses with Eucalyptus.
Sore Throat Glands
  • Boost your immune system and stave off the infection that’s wearing out your glands with Myrrh.
Dry Cough and Wheezing
Gingivitis & Sensitivity
  • Rebalance the immune system and fight off systemic yeast with Clove.
Winter Skin Woes
Contributor: Candice Mitchell
Photo Credit: Melissa Cox


Your Holiday Shine with Nature-Based Dental and Oral Health Care

Holistic dentists and many wellness practitioners believe that wellness begins in the mouth. Your gums and your teeth have a connection to major organs and systemic functions in your body, including (but not limited to) your cardiovascular system, your digestive organs, your lymph and even your brain. So, a simple way to support the health of not only your mouth, but your entire body today?f46a7ed1-0ce9-44c2-8f48-b7885e1753a8

Ditch your toxic toothpaste.Your new toothpaste rule: If you wouldn’t want to swallow its ingredients,
don’t use it on your teeth.Conventional toothpaste contains potent toxins linked to endocrine suppression, neurotoxicity and even cancer. Some of those harmful ingredients to look out for? Sodium fluoride, which can also be found in industrial pesticides. Triclosan, an anti-bacterial chemical carcinogen. Sodium Laurel Sulfate, a damaging detergent that causes the body to act like a sponge for nitrates and toxicity. DEA, an inflammatoryfoaming agent known to burden the kidneys and liver.We know that wellness advocates are equally concerned about keeping the mouth free of bacteria, cavities and gingivitis, so what’s the solution to the toxic toothpaste conundrum? Using plant-based antimicrobial and anti-flammatory ingredients derived straight from nature.
Here’s how:
Here’s to taking another step toward wellness, and assuring that from the inside out, you Shine!Contributor: Candice Mitchell
Photo Credit: Kayla Denny
Product Page: Shine

Your true nature is l u m i n o u s!

Holiday Gift Pick: GLOW – Healing Serum. One of the special ingredients in this body and skin care formula is Rose Otto, the most healing and medicinal of all roses. It adds resiliency + elasticity to the skin + promotes rejuvenation of connective tissues. And what’s more- Rose Otto has been celebrated since ancient times as a source of joy, beauty, + happiness. Just a few reasons why we love GLOW.
Contributor: Melissa Cox
Photo Credit: Melissa Cox

Flu-Support with Well Scent “Protect”

WHAT IT IS: Bolster the immune system with “Protect”, a natural sanitizer that is highly anti-infective against bacteria and viruses while also strengthening to the immune system for year round protection. It is also designed to support  respiratory infections, including sore throat, bronchitis, influenza, pneumonia and the common cold.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply to throat, upper back and chest up to once an hour while awake. For infants and children under six, apply to the bottom of feet and on the back to decrease likelihood of them getting onto their hands and then their eyes. Can also be used as a hand sanitizer.

BENEFITS: Reduce symptoms, shorten recovery time and may even be used preventatively.

EMOTIONAL ASPECT: Grounding, supportive, protecting, healing, soothing, stabilizing, nurturing.

INGREDIENTS: Thyme, Hyssop, Silver Fir, Laurel, Cypress, Clove, Frankincense, Benzoin, Myrrh, Vetiver.
Introductory Promotion 15% off while supplies last for Protect only, see website for promotional pricing.

Other New Well Scent Products:
Belly Bliss – Digestion, Liver Blend + Antimicrobial Support
Sparkle – Natural Teeth Whitening + Whole Mouth Detox

Smile, Glow, Pause for Peace & Shine!
Holiday Gift-Picks from the Well Scent Girls68027de3-1d8f-415e-b640-5101adb3073a

Well Scent Girl: Stacy Shuman, Certified Aromatherapist & Well Scent FounderHoliday Gift Pick: Smile – Mood Support Why: Because jasmine and rose are indulgent and geranium balances hormones, so I will be gifting my girlfriends a non-toxic perfume that supports neurotransmitter health and is utterly feminine.

PicMonkey Collage

Well Scent Girl: Candice Mitchell, Social Media Manager Holiday Gift Pick: Glow – Radiant Serum Why: I like to remind my loved ones of their innate beauty, so I’m planning to gift Well Scent’s radiant serum this season. Its tamanu and rose oil are nourishing to the skin in winter, and restore its natural vitality. With the help of essential oils show your loved ones that from the inside out, they glow.



Well Scent Girl: Melissa Cox, Instagram Manager and Contributor Holiday Gift Pick: Pause for Peace – Relaxation SupporWhy: I’ll be gifting Pause for Peace to my loved ones so they will be able to create a space of reflection and joy by staying grounded during the Christmas season, and inspired by the approaching new year.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 7.18.32 PM

Well Scent Girl: Kayla Denny, Photographer and Contributor Holiday Gift Pick:Shine  – Mineral Rich Dental Polish Why: I love gifting our dental blends to family & friends, firstly to influence them away from conventional toothpastes that are full of toxins and sugar, and secondly because I know that these blends will positively impact their overall health. Shine is hundreds of times more powerful than toothpaste, whitens teeth, and can even reverse cavities over time. Who wouldn’t want that?

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 7.18.39 PM


Say hello to our newest contributor, Kayla Denny, fellow Lyme-Fighter and blogger for the beautiful and inspiring Joy Rises. Kayla is sharing her photography skills with Well Scent. She is also contributing nutrient dense, hypoallergenic recipes to our Instagram page and on the Well Scent Blog, where you will find recent food shares: Seven Ingredient Gluten-Free Pancake Mix with Chocalate “Nutella” Spread and Flu-Fighting Chimichurri Sauce.  We are very excited to welcome Kayla to the Well Scent Team and Community!

Get your holiday gifts and stocking stuffers early!
Use “healthyholidays”  for 15% off your orders through December 1st. 

News from Well Scent friends:

  • Dr. Christine Schaffner, naturopathic physician and Clinic Director for Sophia Health Institute, has launched a new podcast series, Essential Medcast. “Essential Medcast was created to educate listeners about topics related to chronic illness, general health, and natural beauty. Our goal is to inspire you to live your best life through understanding and seeking the latest in holistic medical diagnostics and treatments, natural skin care techniques, as well as proper diet and lifestyle changes. We invite you to listen in and learn from some of the top pioneers in the health and beauty industries.” Christine Schaffner, ND – Most recent podcast, Scott Forsgren, author, blogger and health advocate, also known as BetterHealthGuy, shares the inspiring story of how he found healing from Lyme Disease.



I have been using Balance for the past several months, personally, and also with my clients in my healing practice. Balance creates a palpable energetic shift almost immediately. It is tonifying and strengthening to the system, while creating an energetically unfavorable environment for pathogens. The effect is dramatic and it smells good, too. I have been using Stacy’s oils for years now and am so appreciate how clean and tolerable they are, even for the most sensitive. I’m lovin’ you Stacy, and am always in awe of your magical ways with the oils.
Tifphanie Turner, LMT

I have been using your oral health & Lyme treatment products including Shine, Watch Your Mouth, Balance and Renew for a few months. I appreciate so much the care you have taken in formulating these safe, effective and delightful products.
I recently had oral surgery to remove infections and a cavitation that have been poisoning my system for a long time.  The after-surgery recovery process was challenging, with a lot of lymph swelling and a Lyme rash that broke out all over my body and lasted for weeks!
Balance (recommended by my Sophia Clinic doctors) was so important to me during the acute phase of my recovery. I gently massaged Balance (and, later, Renew) twice a day across my forehead and sinuses, around my tender jaw line and down onto the swollen lymph glands in my neck to help disinfect the tissues and encourage lymph drainage.  I loved the smell and therapeutic effect it provided every time I used it. I appreciated even more the unexpected benefit of feeling a definite energetic imprint of “loving kindness” in your product.  At the time I had never seen your website or brochures – I had no idea about your company.  But the gentle “caring” invested in your products was obvious to me.
Thank you so very much for creating medicine that is natural and nurturing to the spirit as well as the body. Wow! Blessings to you and all of your team at Well-Scent.  Keep up the great work!
R. Martin

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